Whenever a manufacturer dubs a new product as “modular,” I cringe. My mind immediately creates images of parts and pieces that do little to positively affect the item’s performance, and ones that will soon be misplaced or lost by the well-intentioned owner. ZRODelta first revealed the Modulus some two years ago right after NRA. Several of us were given early access to the pistol to shoot it and give our feedback. This is where our story begins.

ZRODelta Modulus Details

Honestly, it impressed me back then, if for no other reason than its ability to be so many guns in one—at least I’d hoped. Shooting it revealed some things that needed some enhancing. However, that’s expected in a brand-new design, especially one as involved as this.

Now the Modulus is available and I’ve conducted my initial testing, which included many configuration changes and lots of rounds through it. It’s obvious that ZRODelta was serious about the functionality, modularity, and practicality of the Modulus.

There are three main configurations—a compact, midsize, and full size slide—with specific dust covers for each. However, the combinations go beyond that with different magwells, backstraps, front straps, and optics plates. The shooter has a myriad of options to fit their needs or desires, whether for carry, duty, or competition; this is all thanks to a modular frame that serves as the foundation of the Modulus construct.

While this review was on the complete Modulus kit, you can start with one configuration and build up and buy up from there. In short, the Modulus is quite amazing with impressive operational manners on the range, and a great feel in the hands. It also looks good too. Base MSRP is $919. Watch my entire review, including testing, in the video above. For more information on the Modulus go to

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