ZEV SIG Sauer P320 P365 Upgrades, Slides, ZEV Z320 slides, ZEV Z365 Slides

ZEV Technologies announced its first-ever complete SIG-based pistol Monday: The Z320 Octane. It’s essentially an upgraded P320, and a nice one at that. Our brethren at Personal Defense World have an entire rundown on the new Z320 pistol. What also kind of flew under the radar is that not only did ZEV release a slew of accessories for the SIG P320, but also for the SIG P365; that’s what we’ll focus on here.

ZEV SIG P320 & P365 Accessories

So, ZEV released two variants of the complete pistol on Monday: The Z320 XCarry and the Z320 XCompact. Along with those pistols came a few accessories for those who already own a SIG P320. As a bonus, ZEV also released some goodies for the P365 platform. There are new slides, barrels, and sights. Before ZEV made a splash by releasing its first complete pistol in 2019 — the ZEV OZ9 — it made a living creating some high-quality upgrades for Glocks. Now that ZEV has officially entered the SIG market, it’s sure to be a hit. So let’s dig in and take a look at the new upgrades.

ZEV P320, P365 Octane Slides

ZEV SIG Sauer Slides, ZEV Z320 slides, ZEV Z365 Slides

Let’s start with the ZEV Octane slides. In total, ZEV released 10 slide variants for several SIG platforms. Rather than leave you in suspense, we’ll start with the MSRP. Every slide comes in at $420. As we mentioned there are 10 variants for five pistols. They come in either a gray or DLC finish. Here’s the pistol availability:

  • ZEV Z365XL
  • ZEV Z365
  • The ZEV Z320 XFull
  • ZEV Z320 XCompact
  • ZEV Z320 XCarry

You can do the math on which SIG pistols align with the new “Z” names. The ZEV optic cut allows for the mounting of a red dot without removing the rear sight. The P320 slides feature a Trijicon RMR-compatible optic cut. Meanwhile, the optic cut on the P365 and P365XL slides is compatible with the Shield RMSc, SIG Romeo Zero, and Holoson HS407K. They also include an RMR optic cut cover plate.

ZEV PRO Barrels

P365 Barrel, P320 Barrel, PRO Barrel

Next on the list of upgrades are the ZEV Pro Barrels. MSRP here is $199 across the board. There are five barrel variants in total.

  • ZEV Z365XL
  • ZEV Z365
  • The ZEV Z320 XFive
  • ZEV Z320 XCompact
  • ZEV Z320 XCarry

Unlike the slides, there is no XFull model of the barrels. Instead, ZEV has an XFive PRO Barrel. ZEV finishes all its barrels in a black DLC coating. They also feature dimpling and a “streamlined hood design” that includes a ZEV’s signature slashes.

ZEV Combat Sights

P365 Combat Sights, P320 Sights

Last on the list is ZEV’s fiber optic combat sights. MSRP on the sights, compatible with both P320 and P365 slides, is $99. ZEV used CNC-machined carbon steel construction on the sights and finished them with a black nitride coating. The sights feature a notch width of .140 and notch depth of .145.

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