The ZEV OZ9 launched Jan. 1 of 2019. You might remember that we, at Ballistic, had the exclusive first look (not a big deal). Since then the OZ9 has made a lot of noise in the firearms community. The manufacturer also launched multiple variants, including the OZ9 Compact and OZ9 Competition, the latter of which already set a USPSA “Carry Optics” record. There’s also the ZEV OZ9 MBK (Modular Builder Kit), which allows shooters to build and customize their own OZ9. Now comes the ZEV OZ9 Shorty Grip.

ZEV OZ9 Shorty Grip Details

ZEV Technologies announced Friday the release of a short grip for its standard-sized OZ-9 modular pistol platform. As evidence by the other variants and MKB, the ZEV built the OZ9 platform around modularity. The new Shorty Grip is just further evidence of that.

“With a compact grip on a standard pistol, you have the advantage of a longer slide and longer sight radius but with a grip that is compact enough to minimize printing while carrying concealed,” said Dave Roberts, ZEV’s VP of Marketing.

All of ZEV’s OZ9 pistol grips utilize a proprietary single-pin take-down system; this allows for a quick grip exchange with no need to remove the trigger or other components.

“Whether you prefer a smaller grip for concealed carry, or simply have smaller hands, this new Shorty grip gives you the option to configure your handgun to fit your needs best,” Roberts added. “Our goal for OZ9 pistols is simple, reliable modularity. With the addition of this Shorty Grip, an OZ9 standard pistol owner has the ability to change the size and color of grips along with various slide and barrel lengths and configurations.”

Shorty Grip Kit Features

  • Ready to install out of the box
  • ZEV Gen4 Magazine Release installed
  • Take-down pin included
  • Available in three colors; Black, FDE, Gray
  • Compatible with both G19 and G17 size magazines

Watch the Shorty Grip in action below. For more information, please visit

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