Fans of the ZEV OZ9 pistol — or just fans of ZEV Technologies in general — have an interesting new option as far as build kits go: The ZEV OZ9 MBK. In this instance, “MBK” stands for “Modular Build Kit.”

ZEV OZ9 MBK Details

You may remember we featured the ZEV OZ9 on the cover of our spring 2019 issue, unveiling it to the world (not a big deal). Now, ZEV is offering complete customization to build your OZ9 from the ground up.

“This is a big deal for the consumer who already owns a custom ZEV firearm or the necessary compatible ZEV components that go into an OZ9,” said Dave Roberts, ZEV’s VP of Marketing. “It’s also the perfect starting point for the consumer that wants to build an OZ9 in the exact configuration they want. The steel receiver is the serialized component, and the foundation of the OZ9; once you have that, the rest is like a set of Lego building blocks, but with ZEV parts.”

The MBK allows for either a Black DLC or Titanium Gray OZ9 steel receiver. Using compatible ZEV components, you can select the ZEV slide, ZEV barrel, ZEV trigger, ZEV OZ9 grip, and ZEV OZ9 magwell to build out the OZ9 that best fits your needs. It’s an option for shooters across a variety of spectrums, including duty, concealed carry, competition, or a weekend range gun.

The OZ9 internal steel receiver, machined from a single block of 4140 alloy steel, reduces the flex associated with polymer frames. It also has an integrated locking block and longer slide rails, which provide more contact with the slide. The result? Less felt recoil, less muzzle flip, faster follow up shots, and improved accuracy.

In addition to an OZ9 Steel Receiver, each OZ9 MBK includes the following necessary components to get your build started:

  • ZEV O.Z-9 Slide Lock Lever and Spring
  • ZEV O.Z-9 Trigger Pin
  • O.Z-9 Ejector Housing Pin
  • ZEV Enhanced Extractor
  • Extended Slide Release Lever

MSRP is $480. For more information, please visit

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