Wonder Hoodie SWX, stab-proof hoodie, jacket

Back in April 2019, our friends at Personal Defense World reported on a company called Wonder Hoodie. The company created a bulletproof hoodie that could reportedly stop a .44 Magnum. Impressive claim, to say the least. But then last week our pal Matt Carriker over at Demolition Ranch gave the Wonder Hoodie a spin; check out the video at the bottom of this post. He shot everything from .22 up to .50 AE and the hoodie held its own, as advertised. So when we found out about the company’s new stab-proof hoodie and jacket—called the Wonder Hoodie SWX —it grabbed our attention.

Wonder Hoodie SWX Details

On the heels of its bulletproof hoodie, Wonder Hoodie saw a need for a lightweight stab-proof variant. The SWX is a stab, cut, slash, and puncture-resistant hoodie and jacket that is both machine washable and dryable. It utilizes Shadow Work’s patented SWX textile.

The new offering takes advantage of the technological advances in the development of SWX textile, which increases the performance against knife attacks. It also doesn’t contain metal, fiberglass, plastics or Kevlar commonly used in other stab-resistant textiles. We saw multiple tests using the textile—against both a kitchen knife and a folding knife with a 4-inch blade—and it worked both times.

“Providing affordable world class protection to workers, community members and first responders has always been my goal and why I started Wonder Hoodie a year ago,” Vy Tran, CEO of Wonder Hoodie, said in a release. “We accomplished that goal with the bulletproof hoodie and jacket last year, which at less than half the price, outperformed the competition. What makes the Wonder Hoodie SWX so unique is the superior protection integrated in the SWX textile. It allows us to manufacture light weight, comfortable and stylish protective jackets without detection by the attacker.”

Shadow Works’ Textiles

As mentioned, Wonder Hoodie partnered with Shadow Works for the SWX. Shadow Works is a disabled, U.S. veteran-owned small business. It manufactures patented high-performance textiles and products for first responders, military, manufacturing, commercial and construction use.

“All of our products are designed to protect the wearer from being injured with edged weapons, cuts, slashes and stabs that occur during the course of their day,” Shadow Works CEO Mark Sullivan said in a release. “Whether the threat of injury occurs at work or during leisure time, keeping those who utilize our products healthy and safe has always been our first priority.”

Like the bulletproof hoodie, MSRP on the stab-proof hoodie also starts at $595. For more information on Shadow Works Group, please visit ShadowWorksGroup.com. For more information on Wonder Hoodie, please visit WonderHoodie.com.

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