Ballistic Magazine recently partnered up with the podcast We Like Shooting.

On the menu for episode No. 243: Short barrels and rifle length gas systems; Sharps rifle sights; Inexpensive targets; Tricked out Glock 34 or CZ Shadow 2 for 3-Gun?

The cast for episode No. 243 includes Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Savage1r, Lil Chantilly (a new face — or voice — for the Ballistic readers), Jeremy Pozderac, and Nick Lynch.

Episode 243: 3-Gun Gear and More

Also joining the episode are Trevor and Adriel from SlamFire Radio. According to WLS, they are “IPSC and 3Gun shooters from Canada who podcast and stuff.”

Listen to the entire podcast above. Again, the podcast does contain some “naughty” language. Also, again, so does our magazine — embrace it.

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