Wiggins Construction AR-15 giveaway new roof, Wyoming

No, you didn’t read that headline incorrectly. This is one hell of a promo for a new roof. Based out of Powell, Wyo., Wiggins Construction — a family-owned construction and contracting business — has a new promo. On April 12, the company announced it would give away a new AR-15 with every new roof installation. And yes, the above flyer is very much real.

New Roof, New Rifle With Wiggins Construction

The AR-15 is often referred to as “America’s rifle” due to its popularity. The gun is usually a point of focus in America’s never-ending gun control debate. However, there’s certainly no bigger way to draw up some hype than including a new AR-15 with a new roof build. It certainly got our attention.

According to USA Today, “The idea of the promotion came from Matt Thomas, the company’s marketing and customer relations director. A U.S. Navy veteran, Thomas asked co-owner Josh Wiggins about giving customers a free AR-15 instead of a ‘Thank you’ card.”

If you live in the area, simply call for a quote and if you like what you hear, congrats on your new gun. So what does a new roof get you? We spoke directly to the good people at Wiggins Construction to find out.

The company provides all new roofing clients a standard AR-15 in 5.56/.223 from Diamondback Firearms. We’ve shot the DB15 series before — there are quite a few models — and it performs well above average. It’s certainly a nice gun to have for home-defense.

AR-15 giveaway new roof, roofing company gun giveaway
Wiggins Marketing Director Matt Thomas (middle) with two customers. (Photo by Wiggins Construction)

The Critics

The AR-15 also draws a wild amount of criticism from gun control advocates because it looks “scary” to them. Wiggins reported on its Facebook page that, on top of being interviewed by Fox News about the promo, it’s also received some death threats. They wrote: “It’s crazy that we are getting death threat phone calls from the people that are anti gun and anti violence; second one in 24 hours.”

We saw a few comments on the company’s Facebook page that gave us a chuckle. Example A: “How rude. I will never use your company because you don’t care that those are not for the general public. And children especially dont need that type of weapon in their presence…. I will blame your company if any incidents with this type of weapon happens…”

Example B: “Stupid for sure!!! Must really need business giving away guns only in America but not the side I want to be on!!”

Well, you can’t please ’em all. But this promo from Wiggins Construction certainly seems like a winner to us. Now you just need to find ammo for your rifle. For even more, check out their website.

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