Well Armed Woman Instagram page shut down
(Photo by The Well Armed Woman / Facebook)

Update, Aug. 22 at 1:37 p.m. EST: Two hours after we posted this story, Instagram reinstated The Well Armed Woman Instagram account. Thanks for sharing and helping the 2A community.

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It’s no secret the firearms community is under attack on social media. Censorship has run rampant on various platforms over the last year as hostilities grow toward the Second Amendment. YouTube constantly changes its policies to limit the content firearms accounts can post. Remember last summer when YouTube inexplicably removed the Brownells account? Nobody is safe.

The latest victim to this trend is The Well Armed Woman and we’re really not happy about this one.

The Well Armed Woman Loses Its Instagram

Why is this such a big deal to us? Firstly, we’re all friends in the firearms community. We look out for each other. However, this one hits home because we support the mission of The Well Armed Woman. Carrie Lightfoot founded the company in an attempt at educating women on firearms and empowering them. Like any sane, rational person, Lightfoot wants women to be safe out in that crazy world of ours, as we all do; well, except for Instagram, apparently.

“The Well Armed Woman Instagram page has been shut down with no warning or communication. Just gone! It appears empowering and educating women to #RefuseToBeAVictim to rape and murder is offensive to them!” the company wrote on its Facebook page, which is also now in danger. “We also, for the 1st time ever, have had a post removed by Facebook. As you know, we only post encouragement and education on our social media. Nothing promoting violence, hate, abuse, or anything offensive. Scary times my friends, scary times …”

Censorship is dangerous in any form. However, he bigger problem with social media platforms cracking the proverbial whip with firearms-based accounts is that the people looking at the content and making these decision don’t understand firearms. The case of The Well Armed Woman is exactly what we’re talking about. There is nothing dangerous about the company; actually, quite the opposite. They’re an excellent resource for women who want to protect themselves.

Spread the word, and let’s help get their Instagram account back. In the meantime, please visit TheWellArmedWoman.com, sign up for their newsletters, and support what they do.

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