Just when you thought you had seen it all, CAA USA changes the game with their new AGADA PCC rifle. Meaning “Legend” in Hebrew, the AGADA gets its design cues from Mikey Hartman, bringing his years of IDF firearms instruction.


Available in both right- and left-hand variations, the AGADA will feature a familiar gas blow-back operation. It will also accept 9mm GLOCK magazines, with 10mm coming in the future. Although it will accept GLOCK magazines, CAA USA will also be producing proprietary magazines. However, this is where familiarity ends.

With the AGADA, CAA has changed almost every point of contact typical to most rifle platforms. The stock, lower receiver, pistol grip, trigger and forward grip have all been overhauled. Starting with the stock, the adjustable cheekpiece provides an increased surface area. As a result, the shooter’s head remains in an optimal upright position while the stock rests against the shoulder. The stock is also foldable, to either side, and the AGADA remains operational when folded.


Where the AGADA gets really different is in the pistol grip. Unlike a traditional pistol grip, that extends downward, the AGADA pistol grip runs diagonal to the lower, on the side. This position is a more natural, ergonomic grip allowing the hand to remain straight with the arm, like a boxer. The fire control group uses a downward pull, as apposed to rearward, exploiting the natural flow of the arm. The 2.5-pound trigger also adds to the ease of operation.

The oversized opening of the magwell ensures faster mag insertions, even under duress. Additionally, the pistol grip and forward grip include magazine storage, so you always have two spares on hand. The AGADA features two safeties, one on the pistol grip and an ambidextrous safety on the lower.

Finally, the forward grip is ergonomically designed, allowing a natural extension of the hand and arm. The forward grip rides on a picatinny rail, so the shooter can adjust the position to best meet their needs.

More From Mikey Hartman

“Most of my 22-year military career I spent training the IDF army on how to shoot a rifle. When I established the marksmanship / sharpshooting school and wrote the shooting doctrine, I tried to find a system that would prepare each and every soldier for combat and to achieve the desired outcome. The very way soldiers held their rifles always frustrated me, whether it was a Galil, M4 or Tavor.

“The gun is just not designed for the human body. We, by definition, must contort our body to hold the pistol grip, pull trigger, hold forward grip, and even place our head on the stock / cheekpiece. When we started to design our new rifle, I did so with that in mind and adjusted, sometimes radically, every point of contact of our body with the rifle. It will be the most comfortable gun you will ever hold. That I guarantee,” said Hartman about the new rifle.

The AGADA has a very unique pistol grip.


The CAA AGADA PCC rifle availability will be announced at the upcoming NASGW Expo October 27-29. It will be available in three configurations, 16-inch rifle, 10-inch NFA SBR and 10-inch carbine with faux suppressor. It has an expected MSRP of $899.00. For more info, please visit

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