We love gear. Around here at Ballistic, we camp, hunt, hike, fish and shoot. So we keep hoarding up gear for all our outdoors pursuits. But carrying concealed and carrying on the trail remain hallmarks of our 2A lifestyle. So we got pretty stoked when we saw the all-new Vaultek LifePod XT modular cases.

Vaultek LifePod XT Details

What jumped out first was the all-weather design. No matter the conditions, you gain peace of mind knowing you can lock up expensive gear, including your carry gun, while out in the field. Next comes the biometric lock for quick, secure access. A Smart Sense digital keypad delivers access to whatever you stow.

The entire case comes in a high-impact T3 polymer housing. It comes with reinforced anti-theft features to protect your valuable gear. The modular design allows sportsmen to customize the unit to taste. You can reposition pistol and magazine racks for multiple handguns. Additional accessories include pluck foam, a lid organizer system and a rigid Molle board panel for greater customization for gear. The unit sells in three preset configurations to choose from.

The built-in lock system uses the company’s safe technology and dual anti-impact latch design. It quickly lock and unlocks via the touch Smart Sense digital keypad, weatherproof HD biometric scanner or backup manual, old school key.

An advanced non-metal polymer construction proves lightweight with superior strength, according to Vaultek. Drop tested and complete with dual anti-impact latches, it even includes a quick-release steel security cable mount. Side compression latches and an inner rubber gasket seal off the interior from all the rough weather you can throw at it. It blocks out water and dust; this bad boy even floats.

A 9V alkaline battery powers the system up to one year. But the system sill completely functions, via key, without battery power. A hidden micro-USB port can power the unit when the battery dies.

Retail prices start at $479.99. For even more info, please visit

The Vaultek LifePod XT protects valuables in the field from any weather conditions.

Vaultek LifePod XT Models

  • XT1i: Standard Models includes Base Pluck Foam + Crate Foam Lid
  • XT2i: Enthusiast Model includes Lid Organizer, 5 Pistol Racks, + 2 Mag Racks
  • XT3i: Tactical Model includes Lid Molle Board, Tray with Pluck Foam Insert, 3 Pistol Racks, + 1 Mag Rack

Available Accessories:

  • Mag Rack
  • Pistol Rack
  • Tray with Pluck Foam
  • Lid Organizer
  • Molle Board
  • Base Pluck Foam
  • Removable Crate Foam

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