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Let’s take you back to September at the 2020 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. We were busy firing some goodies from Umarex—like the .50-caliber Hammer Air Rifle. It was then we noticed one of the reps using a portable airgun compressor called the Umarex ReadyAir. It seemed incredibly convenient and sure beat using a hand pump. So we said, “That thing is great. You should offer it to the public.” To which the rep responded, “We’re way ahead of you.”

And so as of Thursday, the Umarex ReadyAir is now on the public market. We hear, “how do I fill up an air gun?” more than you’d guess. The new oilless portable air compressor allows users to fill their high-pressure air guns at home, the range, or in the field. It uses patented oilless piston compression technology to fill PCP reservoirs up to a true 4500 psi.

How Does the Umarex ReadyAir Work?

For starters, being an oilless system is important, as it requires less maintenance. According to Umarex, it’s the only smart airgun compressor in its class engineered to be oilless. It eliminates any need for liquid cooling or lubrication. It also controls the extreme heat generated by the compression of air.

So how do you set it up? You can run the ReadyAir on 12 volts with the included eight-foot battery clamp cables. Simply use your vehicle—like Umarex did out on the range at the 2020 Rendezvous—or plug it into a standard 110-volt electrical outlet without the use of an external converter box.

Umarex ReadyAir Air Compressor, Airguns, cables
(Photo by Alex Landeen)

“In a growing market of 3,000 PSI and greater airguns, shooters need an easy, yet reliable and portable air source,” Umarex USA President Richard Turner said. “… It fills 4,500 psi airguns like that of our Umarex Hammer and other big game hunting air rifles in just minutes.”

Other Features and Price

Users can electronically program the ReadyAir to fill to any pressure up to 4,500 psi. A smart on-board computer manages the system and automatically shuts the compressor off if the set running temperature is ever exceeded; this prevents shooters from being without air while in remote locations. The ReadyAir system provides minimal fill time—just minutes for bigger air rifles—while also extending the compressor’s operational life. There’s also a compressed activated charcoal filter, which prevents dirt and moisture from entering any airgun’s reservoir.

What does that all amount to for an MSRP? The Umarex ReadyAir has an MSRP of $549.99. For us, that’s more than worth it. It eliminates pretty much all of the hassle, like manual hand pumps.

Each ReadyAir includes the compressor unit with carry handle, a 110v power cord, a long 12v battery clamp cable, a quick-connect high-pressure hose with quick connect fittings, and also an extra charcoal moisture filter. For even more info, please visit

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