The internet attempted to mansplain a two-time olympic champion.
(Photo by NBC Sports YouTube)

Oh, the internet. Or in this case, oh, social media. A bunch of folks, primarily dudes, recently attempted to troll and mansplain to a particular female, based on her grip of the gun. Basically, these “experts” attempted to mansplain an Olympic champion.

Olympic Champion Vitalina Batsarashkina Trolled by ‘Internet Experts’

The one-handed grip apparently looked outdated to some. So the fellas seemingly decided to help this little lady out. The only problem, this particular lady knows exactly what she is doing. The image captured two-time Olympic gold medal winner Vitalina Batsarashkina.

The 24-year-old ROC athlete recently took gold in both the 10-Meter and 25-Meter Air competitions at the Tokyo Olympics. So yes, the internet tried to teach an Olympic champion about the proper technique to hold a pistol. Predictably, the internet then proceeded to explode in a fury of comments.

Internet Trolls Take Their Shots

The comical shots (pun intended) taken by internet trolls prove especially hilarious now that the shooter is named. The level of ignorance and lack of understanding thrown around is truly spectacular.

“Does it look cool? Yes. Will their wrist shatter the moment they fire? Absolutely,” one person tweeted. Yeah, must be a 50 BMG in that thing we’re guessing.

“Not only are you going to have a broken wrist or nose, you’re also gonna have to deal with the fact you one handed that gun for no reason other than to be bold,” another wrote. Actually, in this shooting discipline, an off-shoot of some of the most traditional shooting games on the planet, athletes fire shots with a one-handed grip.

Our heroes apparently know just enough about guns to boldly showcase their ignorance on the internet for all to see. Hey, we know the Olympics only come around once every four years. But Camp Perry and a host of other national matches take place every single year, and they pretty much all showcase different one-handed pistol shooting disciplines. So maybe get some edjumification before spouting off next time sports fans. And never, ever try to mansplain to a female Olympic champion.

Meanwhile, American athletes put up several phenomenal performances during these games. To follow all the action, visit Tactical Life’s coverage of the Tokyo Olympics.

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