This week’s award for the world’s dumbest criminal goes to … drumroll please … JFK gun smuggler guy. Our hero attempted to conceal a handgun inside a DVD player within his checked baggage at John F. Kennedy airport. What a guy.

Now, we love guns here. We want to take them everywhere we go. So on one hand, we get it. But dude, you’re going about this all wrong. And New York is a non-starter when it comes to possessing a handgun anyway. Above all, our criminal made multiple mistakes during his attempted concealment of a pistol.

First, I mean, who smuggles anything inside a DVD player? In fact, who has a DVD player anymore? And we’ve got a dude flying to Mexico with a DVD in his checked bag. Well that’s curious. It’s not like Mexico is know for smuggling or anything.

But the real kicker comes in just how this master wielded his art of deception. “The man’s checked bag triggered an alarm in the security scanning equipment and the bag was pulled aside and opened to resolve the alarm,” a TSA report explained. “Upon further inspection, TSA officers detected a 9mm handgun wrapped in aluminum foil that was artfully concealed inside the DVD player.”

Now, we all know that tin foil hats completely block Martians and police states from reading our every thought. Duh. But who knew his foil surprise, looking like a pork chop he stashed away for later, would be a stealthy stash for his gat?

TSA officials notified Port Authority Police after discovering the unloaded handgun, according to TSA. The police then tracked down the Queens, N.Y., native, who was waiting on his flight for Mexico at the gate. Instead, the authorities promptly arrested the man and charged him with weapons violations.

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