The True Velocity commemorative ammunition box set

True Velocity is making its composite-cased ammunition commercially available for the first time with a commemorative box set. The composite-cased ammunition will help hunters and shooting enthusiasts improve their accuracy via its ballistic efficiency.

True Velocity Composite-Cased Ammunition

The limited-quantity commemorative box set contains 22 premium .308 Winchester composite-cased cartridges, delivered in a presentation level, collector’s edition box. Further, the composite cartridges are loaded with 168-grain Nosler Custom Competition projectiles. Also included in the box set are a branded D.O.P.E. (Data on Previous Engagements) logbook and an official 1 MOA True Velocity challenge coin.

The True Velocity .308 limited-quantity composite-cased ammunition
True Velocity commemorative ammunition box set bonus items

“Shooting enthusiasts who want to own the most innovative, game-changing ammunition in the world don’t need to wait any longer,” said Kevin Boscamp, CEO of True Velocity. “This commemorative box set represents the first time that civilian shooters have been able to access our revolutionary composite case technology.”

True Velocity’s composite-cased ammunition provides a 30-percent reduction in weight, compared to traditional brass rounds. Additionally, they provide sub-MOA accuracy and consistency in muzzle velocity.

True Velocity .308 ammunition specs

After this first commemorative box set, True Velocity plans to extend commercial availability to multiple calibers and configurations this year. They will be making them available via direct-to-consumer, wholesale and retail channels later in 2021. The commemorative box sets will only be available while supplies last.

The True Velocity .308 Winchester Collector’s Edition composite-cased ammunition is available now with an MSRP of $159.99. For more info, please visit

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