We deemed July as “Gun Month” for the Evergreen State as TriggrCon, the Pacific Northwest’s premier trade exhibition for the tactical firearms industry, hosts roughly 100 companies during a four-day celebration of industry innovation and achievement. With beautiful summer sunshine over Lake Washington and on the cusp of Seafair, TriggrCon appears to have achieved great success for everyone involved.

TriggrCon 2018

This year’s event took place from July 26-29 at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Wash.; that’s just across the lake from Seattle. It drew an impressive attendance.

Unlike other leading firearms trade shows, TriggrCon founder and organizer John Hwang — who also own Rainier Arms and Defense Marketing Group — set out to create something different; a more intimate and exclusive experience for everyone from exhibitors and media, to fans and enthusiasts. And he has done just that.

TriggrCon provides an environment where companies can conduct business, interface with select industry media, and showcase their latest products to customers and fans.

TriggrCon’s schedule is comprised of a range day followed by an exhibitor day. Both days limit attendance to exhibitors, law enforcements, and industry media only. The final two days are open to public visitors including fans and enthusiasts.

This year we decided to point our wagons west for an adventure to TriggCon and let it be known, we were not disappointed. Watch the vide about for our top 10 finds from TriggrCon 2018.

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