Follow this guide for the top 10 hunting gear of 2021.

Sing it with me … “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” No, I’m not talking about Christmas, I’m talking about hunting season. It is lurking right around the corner; and you’re probably as eager as we are. I don’t know about you, but I always start getting excited early for hunting season, perhaps a little too early. But proper preparation has to start early, right? No better time than the present, and no better gadgets than our list of top 10 hunting gear.

Top 10 Hunting Gear for Your Next Hunt

Nomad Mossy Oak Camo Pattern Hunting Clothes Collection

Never let them see you coming. Camouflage plays an important role on most any hunt, but especially when hunting whitetail deer. Whitetails have keen eyesight and are able to easily spot shapes and movement. This year Nomad, known for their warm, dry and quiet hunting clothes, have added Mossy Oak to their Whitetail and Core collections. Mossy Oak utilizes natural patterns to break up your shape and make it harder for deer to spot you. Stay warm, dry and most importantly, invisible this hunting season.

Nomad Mossy Oak Camo Pattern Hunting clothes collection start the top 10 hunting items

The MSRP of Nomad Mossy Oak Camo Pattern Hunting clothes varies based on options. For more information, visit

Dryshod NoSho Gusset Ultra Hunt Camo Boot

Dryshod Introduces NoSho Gusset Ultra Hunt Camo Boot

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when my feet get wet—especially cold and wet. Few things end a hunt faster than hypothermia, only increasing the importance of keeping your feet warm and dry. With the new 100-percent waterproof NoSho Gusset hunting boot from Dryshod your feet will stay dry no matter the terrain. The 5mm Densoprene foam insulated bootie with AirMesh lining also prevents moisture buildup from sweat. This helps keep your feet from getting wet from inside the boot conditions as well.

The MSRP on the Dryshod NoSho Gusset Ultra Hunt Camo Boot is $184.95. For more information, visit

ALPS OutdoorZ Covert Lumbar Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Covert Lumbar Pack

I am sure that like me you don’t take a lot of stuff with you in the field when you are hunting. Unless you are camping, you shouldn’t really need that much. However, there are important items that every hunter takes with them. From game calls and binoculars/range finders to a flashlight and knife there are some necessities that do belong with you on the hunt.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Covert Lumbar Pack provides ample room for all your items in a 8L/500in main compartment. The zippered pockets on each end allow you to secure quick access items like a compass, water bottle, etc. And, in cold weather, the integrated hand warmer channel helps keep your trigger finger warm.

The MSRP on the ALPS OutdoorZ Covert Lumbar Pack is $59.99. For more information, visit

Hatsan’s 600 FPS Arrow Rifle: The Harpoon

Hatsan's 600 FPS Arrow Rifle: The Harpoon cool factor in the top 10 hunting items

Did somebody say land harpoon? Probably not, but you will be after this. When I first saw the Hatsan 600 FPS Arrow Rifle, The Harpoon, I wondered, “Who needs a harpoon for hunting?” But then my inner child answered, “Everyone. Everyone needs a land harpoon.” We all have that Moby Dick roaming our hunting grounds and sending 400-grain crossbow bolts its way at 580 FPS is a good way to land him. Each 205 BAR (3625 PSI) fill of the onboard 500cc air tank delivers 10 shots before needing a top off.

The MSRP on the Hatsan 600 FPS Arrow Rifle is $809.99. For more information, visit

Millennium’s Ultralite Hang-On tree stand

Millennium's Ultralite Hang-On tree stand

Ssshhhh…don’t tell him I’m up here. A great way to stay out of view of whitetail deer is to get up off the ground. They don’t know to look up for threats. The M100U Ultralite Hang-On tree stand from Millennium gets you off the ground securely, via patented camlock Receivers. Its light weight also means you won’t have to lug a heavy tree stand into the woods for set up.

Because shooting from a tree stand can have obvious inherent risks, Millennium includes a SafeLink with every stand. SafeLink is a 35-foot rope with Prusik knot and carabiner for controlled ascension and descension.

The MSRP on the Millennium Ultralite Hang-On tree stand is $259.99. For more information, visit

SIG Sauer KILO5K Rangefinder

SIG Sauer Range Finder

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” The moral of the story is that proper preparation prevents piss poor performance. The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics KILO5K rangefinder will help with all of your hunting prep, before and during the hunt. Using it before the hunt helps you scout out shooting lanes and map out distances to landmarks for proper ballistics.

During the hunt you can connect it to the BaseMap app to help navigate to a long-range target. The integrated BDX technology provides ballistic solutions out to 800 yards with Applied Ballistics Ultralite. You can also connect it to external devices for more features and ballistic solutions. The KILO5K can range reflective targets up to 5,000 yards, trees up to 2,500 yards and deer up to 2,000 yards. Fog mode even lets you cut through fog, rain and snowy conditions.

The MSRP on the SIG SAUER Range Finder is $779.99. For more information, visit

Wildgame Innovations Cell Camera

Wildgame Innovations Cell Camera

Have you ever been convinced that the deer are coming out as soon as you leave your blind? No? Yeah, me neither. But if I was, I would think putting up a trail cam would answer that question. Trail cams have been around a while, but Wildgame Innovations’ new Encounter Cell Camera takes it to another level. With an illumination range of 80 feet and a .5-second trigger speed, the Cell Camera provides 20-megapixel image capture.

Where the Encounter Cell Camera gets cool is in its connectivity. The Cell Camera is just that, a cellular camera that operates on any cell network. So, as long as there is a cellular network within range of your camera, you can view it and make changes to it from anywhere in the world, via a phone or computer. If you aren’t sure if there are any cellular networks nearby, the on-board signal strength indicators will let you know.

The MSRP on the Wildgame Innovations Cell Camera is $119.99. For more information, visit

Cyclops eFLEX 400 Rechargeable Headlamp

Cyclops eFLEX 400 Rechargeable Headlamp - top 10 hunting items

It’s nearing the end of the day and a massive 10- or 12-point wanders in front of you. You take the shot, and it is a direct hit, but he bucks and takes off. You are faced with a decision. Do you track him at night? Or do you wait until morning and hope that nighttime scavengers or other predators don’t get to your kill? If you opt for tracking him at night proper lighting will help you make that possible. The Cyclops eFLEX 400 Rechargeable headlamp provides ultra-bright light, via CREE XP-G3 4W LED lighting, while keeping your hands free. The eFLEX features a 3.7V 400mAh rechargeable battery, offering 2.5 hours (bright), 10 hours (dim) and 10 hours (red). The four-color LEDs (white, red, green and blue) provide different options for tracking and map reading.

The MSRP on the Cyclops eFLEX 400 Rechargeable Headlamp is $32.99. For more information, visit

Buck 657 Pursuit Pro Large Guthook Knife

Buck 657 Pursuit Pro Large Guthook Knife

Now that you have your big buck, it is time to process him and get him back to camp. This is not the time to dilly dally, you have a buck pole to shame. The right knife can make all the difference when it comes to processing your game in the field. Buck Knives has been making hunting knives for over 100 years, and they know what they are doing. Their new 657 Pursuit Pro exemplifies their years of experience in this area.

The 4.5-inch blade is made of S35VN stainless steel and brings it to an overall length of 9.5 inches. The stainless-steel construction will help prevent rust and corrosion in adverse conditions. The full tang is encased in a handle constructed of glass filled nylon/Versaflex for comfort and grip. The 657 Pursuit is available with or without the guthook.

The MSRP on the 657 Pursuit is $119.99. For more information, visit

GameMaker EZ Jerky Shooter

GameMaker EZ Jerky Shooter - top 10 hunting items

Now that your big buck is all processed, there is nothing left but to eat it. And who doesn’t like venison jerky? However, getting jerky made at a processor can be a little pricy. The GameMaker EZ Jerky Shooter makes it easy to make your own jerky at home. The Jerky Shooter can handle 1 pound of ground meat in its Snap-LoK EZ Fill Tube. Providing you with the option of what size jerky you want to make, it also includes multiple nozzles. The Jerky Shooter is top-rack dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

The MSRP on the GameMaker EZ Jerky Shooter is $39.00. For more information, visit

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