Ever since its pre-SHOT Show announcement, folks have been talking the first-ever Magpul knife: The Magpul Rigger. Availability and cost were the two main talking points for those interested. Well, now we have those details.

Magpul announced the Rigger will go on sale at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday, April 11. As for the MSRP — which we originally ball-parked around $500 — Magpul set it at $425.

Now, that’s the good news. The bad news is that Magpul is only producing a limited run of 200 knives. Also, sales are on a first come, first serve basis, which the company has limited it to one knife per customer. Those interested can only purchase the Rigger on Magpul’s website.

What’s Special About the Magpul Knife?

Magpul engineers designed the limited-edition frame-lock knife to be a precision cutting tool. It features premium materials and Magpul’s signature form and function. The company forged the Wharncliffe blade from Crucible Particle Metallurgy S35VN stainless steel. Many consider CPM to be the finest blade steel in the world. This might be because it was specifically designed for knives. The steel provides excellent strength and wear resistance; essentially, it holds an edge longer, reducing frequency of sharpening.

The Rigger deploys with a jimped blade flipper. It also locks with an audible click. The user can also engage a secondary locking feature to prevent accidental closure, regardless of how it is used. However, a simple flick of the thumb disengages the SLF, allowing users to close the knife with or without gloves.

The Wharncliffe blade comes with distal taper and slight belly, which makes sharpening much easier. The grind, what most call the edge, reduces weight, but still maintains blade strength and rigidity. It also features a straight back that curves slightly, but has an abrupt downward edge near the tip; this creates an aggressive point for piercing and detailed work

The new Magpul knife also features a titanium pocket clip with a hollow pocket clip screw for lanyards. Even better, this screw is removable for easy cleaning or reversed for other hand use.

The Rigger measures only 7.59 inches open and 4.52 inches closed. It’s small enough to carry, but large enough to get the job done.

While the Rigger likely won’t be available for long, Magpul said it’s considering producing other versions featuring different finishes, scales and blades next year. For more information about the Magpul Rigger, please visit

Magpul Rigger

  • Blade Length: 3.4” (from center of pivot)
  • Blade Thickness: 11/64”
  • Open Length: 7.59”
  • Closed Length: 4.52”
  • Handle Thickness: 7/16”
  • Weight: 4oz
  • Mechanism: Manual Opening w/ Flipper
  • Flipper Jimping Length: .235”
  • Blade Spine Jimping Length: .65”
  • Hardware Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pocket Clip Position: Reversible Tip-Up
  • Bearing Type: Caged Ceramic Bearings
  • MSRP: $425

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