The Invictus-AT from Terrain 365 makes its home in the harshest environments.

Utilizing proprietary blade material and near impervious hardware, the Invictus-AT from Terrain 365 is an EDC wonder that crosses barriers. Its all-terrain construction is perfect for traversing the globe in any capacity or staying home and performing daily chores. Whether you’re deep-sea diving or backpacking the Adirondacks, the Invictus-AT collaboration with Prometheus Design Werx is worth a look.

The Terrain 365 Invictus

The Invictus-AT gets the AT designation from its All-Terrain capabilities. With a frame consisting of G-10 on the presentation side and titanium on the obverse, the Invictus-AT is truly tough. As a result, comes a knife ready to perform in even the harshest environments.

The G-10 slab features slight texturing and milled channels running perpendicular to each other, for added retention. In addition, the channels are also hallmarks of the Prometheus Design Werx and Terrain 365 brands.

The Invictus-AT from Terrain 365 features clean lines and impervious materials.

The titanium side features the stout frame lock which holds the blade in a very solid lockup. However, I did notice the lack of a steel insert to prevent wear on the titanium. It may be a non-issue, but time will tell. Additionally, the titanium side includes the heavy duty, titanium pocket clip, configured for right-side tip up only carry.

The frame is held together with all titanium hardware, including a titanium backspacer with a slightly raised section of jimping. Just behind the jimping on the backspacer, at the butt, is a recessed section containing a thick pin for placing a lanyard.

A titanium frame lock holds the Invictus-AT from Terrain 365 firmly in lockup, while the titanium clip is right-hand tip up only carry.

The 3.5-inch blade features a slightly modified spear point, with the tip falling just below the center mark. A flat grind rising to the center of the blade meets a top swedge that runs just over half the length of the blade. Running between the primary bevel and swedge, on each blade flat, is a precision milled fuller.

The blade is brought to bear via ambidextrous thumbstuds with glow in the dark Cabochons. When actuated, the blade rides on a titanium pivot containing ceramic bearings in bronze cages. Likewise, a ceramic ball detent ensures that the Invictus remains closed until you are ready to use it.


Where the Invictus-AT is really unique is in its blade construction, which is a proprietary dendritic cobalt super-alloy called Terravantium.

According to the Terrain 365 website, “Known as Terravantium™ this bar stock can be ground, milled, sanded, and handled like many other metal blade alloys, but it is 100% rust proof, non-magnetic, requires no heat treating, and will hold an edge longer than virtually any blade steel and stainless steel alloys. Terravantium™ is a highest performance, low field maintenance, super-alloy which is impervious to corrosion, oxidation, staining, pitting in any and all conditions found in wilderness terrains above and underwater.”

Where the Invictus-AT is really unique is in its blade construction, which is a proprietary dendritic cobalt super-alloy called Terravantium.

I would like to speak on how easy/hard Terravantium is to sharpen, but I can’t. Although I have been carrying and using the Invictus for a few months now, it still has a razor-sharp edge. This is even after my hard use testing.

One thing I find very impressive about the Invictus, is the combination of materials in its construction. As a result of the unique combination, is a knife that is 100% non-ferrous, non-magnetic, rustproof, and features incredible edge retention. It is truly an All-Terrain knife as marked.

In the Field

As I mentioned, I have been carrying the Terrain 365 Invictus-AT for months now. During that time, I have used it for all manner of cuttings tasks. If a situation called for a knife, the Invictus was always on deck. And, after all of that use I wanted to see how well it would still perform some standard testing.

First, I took it into the field for a little playtime. While there I made some tent stakes, because I never carry stakes in my backpack. Although I don’t recommend batoning a folding knife, I did in this case to cross baton my notch. The lock held up well and gave me no issues. Additionally, the blade showed no sign of dulling or deformation.

While making tent stakes I cross batoned the notches with no adverse effect to the lock or pivot.

Next, I split a small Maple round and created a feather stick. The keen edge of the Invictus was able to produce really fine curls, perfect for catching a spark. However, it’s worth noting that the composition of the Terravantium does not throw a good spark from a ferro rod.

The keen edge of the Terran 365 Invictus-AT was able to produce very fine curls on this feather stick.

Then, I brought it home and cut up some corrugated cardboard. The Invictus cut it clean and smooth, with no signs of wear or edge deformation. This, despite the fact that cardboard can be very hard on an edge.

The harsh materials found in cardboard had no effect on the edge.

I then cut up some half-inch climbing rope. I typically do this test by simply pushing the edge through the rope, instead of slicing. The Invictus pressed right through with no issues or catching.

The Invictus-AT from Terrain 365 pressed right through this half-inch climbing rope with no catching or struggle.

Finally, I sliced up a heavy-duty military nylon gun belt. Although the material is very thick and fibrous, the Invictus slid right through with no issues. Due to the weaved nature of the gun belt, I typically get a lot of fraying with this test, that was not the case this time.

This heavy-duty nylon military gun belt presented no resistance.

Straight to the Point

Both Prometheus Design Werx and Terrain 365 have incredibly functional and aesthetically pleasing EDC products. As a result, they are very sought after in the EDC and outdoors communities. I have personally used their products for a few years now and have never been let down.

The Invictus-AT from Terrain 365, also available from Prometheus Design Werx, is no exception. Its exquisite lines and near interstellar construction materials make the Invictus-AT the type of knife you want for any job.

However, with this kind of quality also comes time and attention to detail. For this reason, the Invictus-AT is not always going to be readily available in the Terrain 365 store. Like all of their products, they release them in drops as stock becomes available. But you will want to get on the mailing list, so you know when they have them in stock. Because like all of the company’s products, they go fast.

For more information, please visit

Impervious to water, the Invictus-AT from Terrain 365 makes its home anywhere.

Terrain 365 Invictus-AT Specs

Blade Material: TerravantiumTM Dendritic Cobalt
Blade Length: 3.5 inches
Closed Length: 4.125 inches
Overall Length: 8.125 inches
Blade Thickness: 0.150 inch
Handle Material: 6AL-4V Titanium and G-10
Weight: 4.4 ounces
Handle Thickness: 0.5 inch
MSRP: $379.00

Other Features:

  • Terravantium™ Blade, Guaranteed Rustproof for Life
  • Rustproof Titanium Framelock Side
  • G10 Presentation Side
  • Titanium Hardware
  • Titanium Pivot, Bronze Cages, and Ceramic Bearings
  • Ceramic Ball Detent
  • Full Back Spacer with Jimping
  • Lanyard Pin Fits Type 1 Cordage
  • Low-Ride Billet Pocket Clip
  • GITD Thumbstud Cabochons
  • Laser Engraved Terrain 365 Mark

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