James Cameron’s Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) had a huge impact on me growing up. I credit the film franchise with first instilling me with a fascination for firearms, future-tech, and filmmaking. These movies expanded my mind when it came to considering the realms of possibility. It impacted both creatively on-screen and regarding what the future of technology may hold for mankind. Thankfully, we don’t find ourselves hunted by muscle-clad cybernetic organisms with Austrian accents in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Los Angles, 2029. But now, as AI drives our cars, runs most of our infrastructure, guides much of our military, and autonomous robots perform parkour all over Boston Dynamics laboratories. It makes you wonder if the machines have taken over in other ways. Siri, Alexa … Skynet!

Project Terminator Rifle

There’s no denying, the Terminator films were ahead of their time in more ways than one. They explore the potential depth of sci-fi storytelling (they were actually love stories at heart). Meanwhile, groundbreaking CGI and visual effects, and genuine introspection and social commentary into artificial intelligence, computing, and future technological developments. Steve Gonos of 2A Tactical and Jonathan Devries of Koted Arms released an astonishing custom laser-engraved and Cerakoted Predator-themed revolver in 2020. It brought an amazing response from the community and readers. So I knew what action film franchise the next custom collaboration had to pay tribute to.


In the original Terminator, there’s a scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the legendary T-800 marches his metal endoskeleton into a gun shop. He asks the store clerk behind the counter for a veritable smattering of 1980’s most advanced firearms. One item he requested however, was not yet invented in the film’s time-traveling timeline: the Phased Plasma Rifle in a 40 watt range. “Only what you see here, pal” responds the clerk. Presumably a fireable offense, the Terminator blasted him right out of his shoes after being denied his favorite boom stick.

The very same plasma rifles show up sending volleys of deadly laser light, looking like a malevolent Pink Floyd concert. The bluish streaks of plasma arcs across the sky in the opening scenes of each film as well. So, I decided that for this custom Terminator themed build, the motif would revolve around both the 40w phased plasma rifle. It would also call back to the gleaming titanium alloy T-800 endoskeleton itself. …

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Ballistic Magazine, April-May 2022 issue.
April-May 2022 issue of Ballistic Magazine

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