The Taurus Defender comes built for EDC.

Taurus just announced a new revolver built exclusively for personal defense, packed with features that lend it to EDC. The Taurus Defender comprises a five-shot, 3-inch-barreled revolver chambered in .357 Magnum/.38 Special.

Taurus Defender 605

Based on the 605, the Defender utilizes a hammer-fired DA/SA firing mechanism. Taurus describes the platform as exhibiting a clean barrel and frame, keeping it snag-free. The design helps promote a smooth draw and easy re-holstering from IWB or OWB carry.

The longer, 3-inch barrel still proves small enough for comfortable carry. But it delivers an improved sight radius for better accuracy, compared to a snub-nose design. The longer barrel also delivers increased muzzle velocity compared to a 2-inch variant. That speed helps realize better terminal performance, paramount in an EDC gun. The Defender 605 also comes with an extended ejector rod for easier manipulation and reloads.

To maximize shooter performance, the revolver comes with a factory-installed tritium front night sight with an orange outline. A rear sight groove completes the sight picture. It should prove both fast in acquisition and capable in low-light conditions.

The Taurus Defender comes in four different models. Grip styles and finish combinations vary. The revolver retails for $472-$540. For even more info, please visit

Taurus Defender Models

  • Altamont wood grip with Tungsten Cerakote finish (MSRP $517.33)
  • Hogue rubber grip with matte black finish on a stainless steel frame (MSRP $472.63)
  • VZ black/gray grip with matte stainless steel and matte black cylinder finish (MSRP $540.68)
  • Hogue rubber grip with matte stainless steel finish (MSRP $472.63)

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