The crew at Taran Tactical Innovations is at it again. The company’s newest video just dropped, this time featuring one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood: Halle Berry.

Also seen in the video is none other than Keanu Reeves, the lead actor in the “John Wick” franchise. Reeves, of course, became a sensation in the firearm community when his own Taran Tactical video lit up the Internet in 2016. Reeves blew viewers away with his skillset.

It’s one thing for actors to look cool shooting guns on the big screen. But Reeves laid down legit skills, shooting on the move while running a rifle, pistol and shotgun. Firearm transitions, first-round hits, even a load from a MatchSaver with the shotgun were all on point. Reeves showed upper echelon skills worthy of competing at a high level in any 3-Gun match.

It should come no surprise though, once you learn Taran Butler is the trainer. For those that don’t know, Butler is among the greatest practical pistol and 3-Gun competitors of all time. He owns numerous championships in both disciplines. In recent years, he’s parlayed that skillset and fame into becoming one of the leading trainers in Hollywood. And his students always end up bringing it.

Halle Berry Shreds

In the latest video, Berry carries the torch well. She displays excellent skills shooting on the move and executing reloads. Her accuracy, even at speed, is impressive as well. When rocking the PCC, she’s downright fierce. And we can’t wait to see those skills translate to the big screen in “John Wick 3.”

“That’s a good run,” exclaims Jade Struck, one of the trainers at Taran Tactical. We couldn’t agree more. For more on Taran Tactical Innovations, visit

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