Update: Oct. 31, 8:35 a.m. EST

Taran Butler posted the following on Instagram: “Thankful to be safe. We were able to stop the flames from burning everything down but with that being said, lost a lot. Although we’re safe, the fires not over – the fight continues through the night. Thank you to all the first responders that helped stop it from burning everything to the ground. Currently with no power, no water or battery left to communicate. Let’s pray we stop these fires completely for anyone else that may be in harms way.”

So while the property is heavily damaged, everyone is safe. Take a look at the damage in Taran’s Instagram post below. He included a video of some of the ammo going off. It’s really wild scene, but we’re happy everyone is physically safe.

Update: Oct. 30, 4:25 p.m. EST

We found an update on Facebook on the current status at Taran Tactical. The post reads: “Taran [Butler] is at the house putting out the small fires around the house while bullets are popping around him, but so far everybody is alive!!!!!!!!”

So now there is ammo in the mix.


Taran Tactical Innovations is actually in quite a bit of trouble at the moment. The Simi Valley fire, which broke out Wednesday morning in California, is quickly approaching Taran’s base of operations.

How close is the Simi Valley fire to Taran? We at Ballistic have been told that Taran Butler, who owns and operates Taran Tactical, is literally fighting the fire himself.

Details on the Simi Valley Fire

Evacuations are underway in the area of the fire, which is being called Easy Fire. The Reagan Presidential Library is part of those evacuations. The library sits directly behind Taran Tactical, which is covered with smoke in aerial shots.

According to a Facebook post, the property next to Taran Tactical is on fire. It’s apparently 100 acres of brush. If you search “Taran Tactical Innovations” on Google Maps, the Easy fire icon pops up directly on top of it.

Easy Fire, Taran Tactical

Water dumps are underway, however, there are reports of very strong winds, making the fire all-the-more dangerous. The Ventura County Fire Department told multiple media outlets that a total of 6,500 homes are in danger. As of press time, the Easy Fire is up to 1,300 acres.

Butler is a legend in the firearms world. He, along with his team, train countless Hollywood celebs on how to properly handle firearms on the big screen. We will keep you all updated as we gather more information.

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