Strategic Edge Precision Rifle Data Book

Experienced precision rifle shooters know that gathering DOPE (Data On Previous Engagement) for specific rifles and loads is a critical element to hitting their targets consistently at distance. Taking copious notes of shooting variables helps repeat success. A data tabulation ledger book helps keep track of a volume of information.

The Strategic Edge Solution

The Strategic Edge Precision Rifle Data Book is a great log book. It offers a few more features than other data log books this writer has used in the past. Precision rifle world record holder Tony Shankle, Dennis Dean and Chris Morgan co-authored the book. They tailored it toward gathering atmospheric conditions, location, shot location on a bullseye target, etc., in the Daily Log section. Data cards gather info out to 1,200 yards, which are cross referenced by temperature ranges, station pressure, humidity, wind, Coriolis effect and humidity.

The Precision Rifle Data Book is held together in a vinyl-covered six-ring binder. Meanwhile, the Data card section is double width to cleanly record and organize data.

Rifle cleaning and maintenance is another variable that’s often overlooked by precision shooters. With that in mind, Strategic Edge gives it its due by offering a rifle maintenance log section. Also, a “cartridge load development” section offers space to record a wealth of critical information. Shooters using a ballistic computer program or application can easily pull information from a section dedicated to gathering this info, too.

Lastly, the authors included a section on reading wind and mirage, shooting uphill and downhill, and moving targets.

Keeping your shooting data organized and learning from past performance will make anyone a better shooter. This log book will withstand the rigors of field use. It also comes with a waterproof slip case to prevent a blurred mess in wet weather. The 50 pages of double-sided daily shooting logs offer spaces to record more than enough shot data to take a shooter from break-in to a shot-out .308 barrel. Copies are available for $49.99 on

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