Scoring firearms-related schwag, especially from companies you like, is a nice way to perk up your day. Some people enjoy a baseball cap or patch, while others collect key chains or pens. Us? We’re partial to stickers. Whether you toss them on your workbench, gun safe or even the back window of your vehicle, stickers are a fun way to liven up your gear and show everyone where your loyalties lie.

Once in a while, a sticker will come with an order we placed or an item we purchased, which is a nice surprise. And because we never want to disappoint, the latest issue of Ballistic includes a free sticker sheet for you to enjoy. These stickers were included with items that we ordered, so be sure to pick up a physical copy of the Ballistic winter 2016 issue!

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For more information on the featured stickers, please visit the following websites:

  1. Phase 5 Weapon Systems, Inc.:
  2. Wilson Combat:
  3. Impact Weapons Components:
  4. Griffon Industries:
  5. Bravo Company USA, Inc.:
  6. SLR Rifleworks:
  7. EraThr3:

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