Springfield Armory has long been known for its great guns ranging from pistols to rifles. Recently, Springfield released a new series of 1911 handguns called the Ronin series. Springfield chambered the first couple of releases in 9mm and .45 ACP. However, Tuesday Springfield announced an expansion in the series with one of my favorite cartridges: The 10mm. Say “hello” to the Springfield Ronin 10mm.

Springfield Ronin 10mm First Look

The Ronin 10mm a lightweight, rugged and reliable handgun built for a lifetime of service. What I really like about the Ronin is that it has a forged carbon steel slide on a forged stainless steel frame. It even has a forged barrel. That type of build results in a gun designed to last a lifetime. This is especially important when you are running a round with the power of 10mm.

The new 8+1 Ronin 10mm 1911 features a traditional barrel bushing system that matches up with its 5-inch match-grade barrel. Overall, it’s a very good looking gun. It sports a two-tone finish, with the frame finished in a satin aluminum Cerakote finish and the slide in a hot salt blued finish.

More Bang

The 10mm round is serious business. It’s one of the few rounds we can really consider to have real “stopping power” in the handgun world. The 9mm round delivers in the mid 300 ft-lbs. of energy into the target. Meanwhile the 10mm pushes more than 700 ft-lbs., making it the Louisville Slugger round of the handgun world. It has solid applications in the personal defense, hunting and general range realms.

The Ronin 10mm is on of the softest shooting 10mm pistols I’ve run. The 1911 design handles the powerful round well and the Springfield craftsmanship shines in this new gun. The trigger was especially nice. It allowed me to get quick follow-up shots with minimal muzzle rise and recoil. In short, the gun is a well-made fight stopper and would make a great addition to anyone’s collection. Watch the full video above. For even more information, please visit

Springfield Ronin 10mm Specs

  • Color: Stainless/Black
  • Barrel: 5-inch Forged Stainless Steel, Match Grade, 1:16
  • Overall Weight (empty): 5.5 ounces
  • Overall Height: 8.6 inches
  • Slide: Forged Carbon Steel, Blued
  • Frame: Forged Stainless Steel
  • Sights: Fiber Optic Front, Tactical Rack White Dot Rear
  • Recoil System: GI Style
  • Grips: Crossed Cannons Checkered
  • Magazines: (One) 8-Round
  • MSRP: $849

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