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The Gun: Umarex AirSaber Elite X2 

The NEW Umarex AirSaber Elite X2 is an all-new arrow shooting rifle for big game hunting with no strings attached. Driven by air and equipped with full-length arrows, it is the newest technologically intense arrow rifle with double-barrel shooting capabilities. It's feature-packed for scoped performance with Umarex Technologies including Quick Valve Release™, High-Pressure Shaft Technology, Adapta Point arrow tips, and Straight Flight arrow technology. The combination of these Umarex Technologies ensures maximum impact and accuracy at over 450 feet per second and 169 FPE!

  • Double Barrel Repeater
  • Velocity with 376 gr arrow: 450 FPS / 169 ft-lbs
  • Power Source: PCP
  • Tank Max Fill: 4,000 psi
  • Capacity: 14.6 cu in / 240 cc
  • Up to 25 effective ethical shots
  • Umarex® Straight Flight Arrows (376 gr)
  • Push-button air tube "barrel" switching
  • Single-stage trigger, 3 lbs
  • Fast, smooth, lever action cocking
  • 42.5-inch overall length
  • 20-inch air tubes
  • 21.5-inch shroud
  • 8.7 lbs overall weight w/scope
  • Side lever cocking effort 8 lbs
  • Air Archery scope and 3 arrows included

The Package: Umarex Axeon Scope, Umarex ReadyAir Airgun Compressor, Umarex Arrows 


The Umarex Axeon Scope is for the shooter who needs low light performance, durability and dependability for their hunting rifle, the Axeon 4-12X40 with a duplex reticle is a great choice. 

The Umarex ReadyAir Airgun Compressor is the Smart PCP Airgun Compressor that's Oilless!

Power up your AirSaber with Umarex AirSaber Air Archery arrows staged for practice or hunting.

The Apparel: Viktos 

VIKTØS is a family run business headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin. Launched in the fall of 2017 by a combined force of industry and military veterans, it is our mission to produce innovative gear for the tactical user. Our product transcends the typical boundaries of conventional tactical companies and addresses the entire black gun lifestyle; from combat, to training, to R&R. It is a decidedly unique approach from a decidedly unique brand.

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