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Umarex Gauntlet PCP High Pressure Air Rifle

The Umarex Gauntlet PCP repeater balances tremendous shot strings with incredible power and accuracy. With its high-pressure air regulator, the .177 caliber Gauntlet uses air very consistently which improves accuracy and provides as many as 70 shots per fill of its onboard 3,000 psi air cylinder. 

Once the pressure is low, you can either refill the tank using the standard Foster quick connect fitting or simply unscrew the tank with the included pressure release key to switch it out. As long as the pressure gauge is in the green, your shots will stay consistent. With a velocity of 1,000 fps in .177 the Gauntlet has no problem sending lead downrange in a hurry. The Gauntlet includes a 10 round rotating magazine so you can spend less time reloading and more time taking rapid-fire bolt-action shots. 

The fully-moderated barrel quiets your shots, making it a perfect precision platform for blasting away at backyard targets or eliminating pests. Its all-weather synthetic stock comes with integrated studs for the addition of a sling for convenient carrying in the field. A standard 11 mm dovetail mount is ready for mounting an Axeon Optics 4-16x44 scope or an optic system of your choice. Umarex Airguns threw down the gauntlet with this PCP air rifle that's accurate, consistent, and affordable.


  • ACTION: Bolt Action
  • CALIBER: 0.177
  • AMMUNITION: Pellet
  • CAPACITY: 10 rounds
  • TRIGGER PULL: 4 lbs
  • WEIGHT: 8.5 lbs
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 46.75"
  • BARREL LENGTH: 28.5"
  • VELOCITY: 1,000 FPS

Umarex RWS MODEL 350 MAGNUM .177 break barrel Pellet Rifle

The RWS 350 magnum air rifle represents the brand's affinity for producing German quality break barrel pellet rifles. From its streamlined Monte Carlo beechwood stock to its adjustable 2-stage trigger, the RWS 350 will be right at home against your shoulder. 

This .177 caliber springer can send rounds at speeds up to 1,200 fps with enough energy on impact to bag small game. Shoot it right out of the box with its included adjustable rear sights. If you prefer a scope, the 350 incorporates a machined 11mm Dovetail rail so you can add the optic of your choosing. 

You won't regret the straightforward power of a tried and true spring-piston break-barrel pellet gun like the RWS 350 Magnum. It's an air rifle you'll be honored to pass down through the generations.

Axeon Optics 4-16X44 EDR (Etched Dot Reticle) Riflescope

The Axeon Optics 4-16X44 EDR scope is loaded down with practical and tough features, yet lightweight on your rifle. This second focal plane scope satisfies target shooters and small game hunters because of its precise Etched Dot Reticle set to 2 MOA between dots. Its side focus adjustment parallax means you can shoot close at 10 yards or at longer ranges. It has excellent light transmission through the multi-coated lenses and is tested tough. 

This and each Axeon rifle scope comes with flip-up lens caps to keep the dust off your lenses from day one and is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Rounding out the package are a set of 11mm dovetail rings that rimfire shooters and precision airgun shooters will appreciate


  • Etched Dot Reticle
  • 4-16x magnification
  • 44 mm objective lens diameter
  • 3.5 inch generous eye relief
  • 23.6-5.9 ft/100 yards
  • 1 inch tube size
  • Capped finger adjustable turrets
  • 1/4 MOA adjustment graduation
  • 30 MOA max windage/elevation adjustment
  • Adjustable parallax
  • 11 mm mounting rings included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Exclude Optical Dynamics OD40 Long Distance Illuminator Kit

The Optical Dynamics OD40 Long Distance Light Kit with mount and cord switch is a long-distance predator and coyote light that projects a true collimated, focused beam of high definition light that has been created specifically for game identification in a hunting situation. Amazingly, predators don't flare from the light. 

The harmonized light waves are pure, meaning it does not cause animals to flare, even when using the white light of the CREE LED. It exudes a crisp, clean, clear, focused circle of light at long distances. No spill. No dark spots. 

This not only means accurate animal or target identification but provides the hunter the ability to make a good, clean shot due to the clarity and definition of the light at longer distances. The OD40 can mount to a Picatinny rail or to a rifle scope using the included fully adjustable mount.

RWS Shooters Kit

Modern-day air guns are effective hunting tools and are an affordable way to practice marksmanship and skills. They can also provide hours of hands-on backyard fun. To ensure a lifetime of performance and reliability, basic care is recommended. This RWS Airguns Shooter’s Kit provides everything you need to keep your .177 caliber air guns in top working order. 

The airgun formulated lubricants, oils, and cleaning materials offered by RWS are the ones used by Umarex Airgun's own gunsmiths. Lots of value in this .177 RWS Airgun Kit! It includes: 250 RWS Meisterkugeln Pellets 250 RWS Superdome Pellets 10 sighting in targets 25 RWS cleaning pellets .177 caliber cleaning rod RWS Spring Cylinder Airgun Oil (non-petroleum) RWS Chamber Lube Airgun Oil (non-petroleum) Jag Brush Applicator needle for oils.

Big Blast Inflator Caps

Provide a fun way to use a non-combustible reactive target that provides a big boom simply with air pressure. With a Big Blast Cap you can pump air into a plastic soda bottle. We recommend 80 psi depending on the weather and size of the bottle. 

You place it down range about 60 feet away and shoot it with your favorite .22LR, air rifle, or firearm. The pressurized air immediately disperses to normalcy creating a "boom" as the air molecules rush out into the normal atmospheric pressure.

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