The following is the eighth segment of Beast Master Hunting‘s “Kill of the Month.” Each month, Nick Atkinson, founder of Beast Master Hunting, will provide the Ballistic audience with first-hand video of his hunts. Enjoy!

This video was filmed through a Trijicon MKIII 60mm thermal optic. There are two shooters and multiple rabbits.

Speed Jackrabbit Hunting

Some windy nights, the hogs and the coyotes just don’t want to cooperate. Lucky for us, the rancher on this particular property also wanted the jackrabbit population reduced.

In this video, there are a handful of rabbits that meet their demise. The rabbits range anywhere from 40 yards, all the way out to about 175 yards.

There isn’t much more to say about this one, so hit play and enjoy this month’s Beast Master Hunting “Kill of the Month!”

About the Author

A former police officer, professional competition shooter by day and professional varmint hunter by night — that sentence sums up Nick Atkinson’s career. Since 2012, Atkinson has traveled the country, competing at the pro level in national level 3-gun competitions. In 2016, Atkinson decided to take his hunting to the next level. Shortly after, he founded Beast Master Hunting.

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