Perusing the interwebs, we stumbled across a unique and brilliant DIY build, the LEGO Desert Eagle. A recent video on Reddit grabbed our attention, as a guy goes through a time-lapse video of an entire working LEGO build of the classic Desert Eagle pistol. After a little searching, we then found bunches of other build videos on YouTube, each with their own flavor, but full of awesomeness all.

So the first thing that jumped out to us? Who knew LEGO provided custom build sets where you could spec it out and get the very specific parts needed to build working LEGO guns? But after watching the videos, we’re guessing you need to be every bit the engineer as the folks that designed the original Desert Eagle.

While the different models out there differ a bit in their final execution, it got us thinking. We saw LEGO Desert Eagles firing rubber bands, while others sent little lego bullets downrange. So what else might one be able to concoct with LEGOs?

LEGO Ma Deuce

What could be cooler than a working LEGO version of the Browning M2 .50-caliber Machine Gun. A working model, we want to send thumb-sized lego bullets downrange, with enough power to knock over a 2-liter bottle. I mean, after all, it’s Ma Deuce, so it would have to be the baddest LEGO gun on the planet.

LEGO M203 Grenade Launcher

While we’re at it, few implements of war are more badass than an M203 grenade launcher. Bolted to the underside of an M16, the M203 provides a destructive, suppressive, area weapon capable of turning the tide of a battle. So why not send some racquetballs downrange, turning your next Nerf war into a spectacular display of firepower.

Brick Armory LEGO Gun Sets

If you’re not a Master Builder and want no part of taking on the challenge of figuring it out yourself, we did further research and stumbled across Brick Armory, which has an entire section of LEGO-type gun kits, complete with instructions. Models include the aforementioned Desert Eagle, along with Ruger Mark II, Barrett M107 Sniper Rifle, CZ 805 Bren, M16, AK-47, H&K MP5 and even a Remington Model 870. For those with a true old-school bent, the Karabiner 98K rifle and Mauser C96 look pretty cool as well. Prices range from about $22 to $82.

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