Frank DeSomma, founder of Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF-USA), is just that — a patriot. He loves America, and that is evident in the products he builds.

Anyone who has met Frank also knows that he is just that — frank. He doesn’t mince his words. Ever. So when we asked him why he started POF-USA, his answer was pretty much what we expected.

“It’s all about freedom. What we build are symbols of freedom, what we manufacture,” DeSomma says. “And to preserve that freedom I want to build the friggin’ baddest-ass sh*t because if someone ever f*cks with our country, they’re gonna get f*cked up. Why? Because I give a sh*t.”

Frank DeSomma on ‘Sweat, Lead & Steel’

DeSomma’s story is an interesting one. So we sat down with him for “Sweat, Lead, & Steel” episode No. 1. It’s an Athlon Outdoors original series profiling the history and passion of companies in the shooting sports industry. We take an intimate and cinematically powerful look into the history and current state of manufacturers.

DeSomma gave us some insight on POF’s history and future. Watch it all here. For more information, please visit

Also, be sure to watch episode No. 2 of “Sweat, Lead, & Steel” on Barrett Firearms.

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