For some hunters, especially those who operate in extreme elevation, chasing mountain goats and the like, the ultimate mountain gun forever remains the holy grail. Well Gunwerks just threw down the gauntlet, releasing a high-end platform that shaves weight at every conceivable turn. And priced at more than $12K, the Skunkwerks The Cut might just prove to be that ultimate mountain gun.

Skunkwerks The Cut

The purpose-built, limited-edition rifle comes with one purpose: cut every possible ounce. The project begins with the company’s lightweight ClymR rifle. The ensuing R&D project spares no expense, creating a super-tuned mountain rifle maintaining the upper end of accuracy, according to Skunkwerks.

The advancements on The Cut begin with Titanium. Skunkwerks used the expensive material to replace steel at every place possible. Weighing 46-percent less than steel, with similar performance, the choice saved loads of weight from the jump. Skunkwerks used Titanium in the action, muzzle brake, screws and hardware.

Next up, the stock. The company chose an even higher end carbon fiber for The Cut’s stock. It uses different raw materials and resin systems for an improvement. The resulting stock weighs 21-percent, or 5 ounces, less than previous options.

The Cut also features a carbon-wrapped barrel as well. To achieve project goals, Skunkwerks devised a new barrel profile and removed excess barrel shank. The resulting 20-inch, small-diameter carbon-wrapped barrel saves 12 ounces, or a whopping 30-percent, over the standard, according to Skunkwerks.

Even More Cuts

Skunkwerks then drilled down even further on the action. It identified portions of material it could remove without compromising integrity or performance. A new bolt stop pairs with a bolt exhibiting less material as well. These choices eliminated another 2 ounces, according to Skunkwerks. To put it all together, the company even came up with Magnesium bedding blocks. The system deliver greater results compared to pillar bedding, but it still managed to save 33-percent over its aluminum version.

Skunkwerks The Cut saves weight at every turn.

Finally, Skunkwerks cut weight in the bolt handle, fluted firing pin, scope rings and butt pad adapter. Check out the video. The project provides an amazing look at what a can be accomplished in gun building. But does it make for the ultimate mountain gun. Prices at $12,950, it sure better. For even more info, please visit

Skunkwerks The Cut Features

  • Caliber: 6.5 PRC or 7 SAUM
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds (7 SAUM), 6.8 pounds (6.5 PRC) with optic (20% weight savings over production ClymR)
  • Length: 40 3/4” @ 13.5″ LOP
  • Barrel: 20″ optimized contour carbon wrapped
  • Action: Skeletonized titanium GLR Action
  • Stock: Made with advanced spread tow carbon fiber
  • Scope: Custom Leupold VX6 HD with capped windage & removed illumination
  • MSRP: $12,950

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