Red dot sights, or reflex sights, can deliver lightning-fast target acquisition and fast follow-up shots. Get dialed in, and even target-to-target transitions come faster and faster. But when it comes to getting your pistol on target fast, we could probably all use some good red dot training.

Red Dot Training With SIG Sauer Academy

SIG Sauer recently released a video providing just that. SIG Sauer Academy Director Steve Gilcreast breaks down just the process for effectively presenting a pistol and quickly finding the red dot. So check out the video for some good tips.

But in a recent blog post, SIG also explained that not all dot sizes are created equal. So choosing the right dot makes a difference. When it comes to SIG optics, those choices center on the differences between 3 and 6 MOA dots.

The MOA stands of minute of angle. The measurement correlates to size on a 100-yard target. So a 3 MOA dot equals 3-inch circle at 100 yards. Meanwhile, a 6 MOA dot covers a 6-inch target at 100 yards. According to SIG, the 6 MOA dot comes as the most popular choice in reflex sights. The bigger dot provides a much faster acquisition on target. Conversely, the smaller 3 MOA dot provides a more precise aiming point for shooting.

For most folks, either dot size will certainly work. If you prefer plinking or certain competition disciplines, the smaller 3 MOA dot may provide a better aiming point. If personal defense or duty work is your need, it’s hard to argue with the speed and tactical advantage a 6 MOA dot provides.

Regardless, try them both, get out on the range, and get some good training. And if you’re looking for a great class, try out the pros at SIG Sauer Academy. For even more info on SIG Sauer optics, visit For training, visit

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