SIG Sauer’s second-generation Ballistic Data Exchange (BDX) system harnesses its existing BDX combo scope-to-range finder technology with the Kilo 10-power range-finding binoculars. But is it all marketing magic, or does it actually work?

Before filming the TV series “Wildcraft Season 2,” due for release in September on Amazon Prime, outdoor writer Len Waldron wanted to test out the .300 Win Mag Remington 700 rifle he would take to South Texas to hunt aoudad sheep. Waldron linked up with Caylen Wojcik on his home range in Washington to help with the setup and testing. Wojcik is the founder of Modern Day Sniper and also a former U.S. Marine Corps Sniper and Sniper Instructor

SIG BDX Combo Review

SIG released its first-gen BDX combo system back in May 2018. In January 2020, SIG followed up with the BDX 2.0. The BDX system works like this: The user programs the rifle’s specifications and the cartridge load information into the BDX smartphone application. The scope and the rangefinder (in this case, the SIG Sauer Kilo range finding binoculars and 4.5-14 power Sierra scope) are then “bonded,” exchanging the ballistic data from the smartphone into the two devices.

Once bonded, the spotter can range a target that communicates a shooting solution via Bluetooth to the scope; this happens by moving the illuminated dot down the vertical stadia of the crosshair. The shooter elevates the rifle putting the glowing dot on the target and presses the trigger. Sounds like magic. It’s not, but it is good tech—and it works. 

The BDX system provides shooting solutions for targets out to 800 yards. The Sierra series scope also features a cant indicator light in the periphery of the scope. If the rifle moves off the vertical axis a small light illuminates reminding the shooter to square the rifle.

“In the shoot house 20 years ago sitting with friends who were sniper instructors, we always talked about what would be the coolest thing—it was projected aiming point. Now it’s here,” Wojcik said.

Watch the video above to see the SIG BDX combo in action. For more information, please visit

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