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Everyone likes putting together their wish list for the holidays. But we have to remember the age-old adage: “‘Tis better to give than receive.” So we’ve put together a list of seven outdoor and shooting gadgets any shooter will appreciate this holiday season.

We wrote this for those trying to find the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything.

MSRPs range from $19.99 up to $699. Guess it depends on how much you really care about that special someone in your life. Some of my friends will be getting used brass. Others might not get a Wilson Combat 1911, but something on this list is in order.

Check out our list below and remember not to leave it open on the family computer or forget to grab it off of the printer.

Shooting Gadgets: MantisX

Shooting Gadgets 2018, MantisX

Shooting is a perishable skill, but none of us have unlimited time or money to spend at the range.

MantisX helps you get the most out of those trigger pulls both on and off the range. The system tracks the movement of your handgun or rifle during each trigger pull. Every shot is analyzed charting hold (blue line), trigger pull (yellow line), shot breaking and recoil pattern (red line).

MantisX displays the results on easy to understand charts that show shot-by-shot trends and patterns.

The electronic device attaches to most handgun and rifle accessory rails for live-fire, dry-fire CO2 and Airsoft. Just pair the device to the accompanying app on your Bluetooth-enabled phone or smartpad and you are ready to get started.

MantisX has an MSRP of $149.99.

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Shooting Gadgets: Trijicon RMR Type 2

Shooting Gadgets, Trijicon RMR Type 2

Pistol red dot sights are here to stay. Trijicon has been at the forefront of the advancement of handgun red dots from the very beginning.

The RMR Type 2 comes in three models:

  • Adjustable LED: A red dot available in 1.0, 3.25 or 6.5 MOA
  • Dual-Illuminated: Amber or Green dot or triangle ranging from a 7.0 MOA dot to 12.9 MOA triangle
  • LED: Available in a 3.25 and 6.5 MOA red dot

The patented housing diverts impacts away from the lens. Trijicon built upgraded electronics to withstand the wear and tear of your EDC handgun. The RMR has been an industry standard and fits most handguns with factory sight cuts or can be custom milled.

MSRP on the RMR Type 2 ranges from $577 to $699.

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Shooting Gadgets: Crimson Trace CWL-200 Tactical Light

Shooting Gadgets, Crimson Trace CWL-200 Tactical Light

Crimson Trace and firearms are the peanut butter and jelly of the industry. Laser-gun combos are available direct from manufacturers like Kimber and Smith & Wesson. You can also find a laser sight for almost any firearm you can think of — no, not the Dardick Tround; yes for the Hi-Point C9.

The CWL-200 is a rail-mounted 900 lumens LED flashlight. The 5.3-inch anodized aluminum housing is impact resistant and waterproof up to 1 meter.

At only 4.9 ounces it can be used as a hand held or mounted to a M1913 Picatinny and Keymod/M-LOK with included hardware. The Remote on/off pad with cord, hook and loop mounting straps and doublestick tape make it simple to customize any long-gun or SBR.

MSRP on the CWL-200 is $90.

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Shooting Gadgets: Sightmark Signal N320RT Digital Night Vision Monocular

Shooting Gadgets, Sightmark Signal N320RT Digital Night Vision Monocular

Night vision is cool, but I can’t afford it … or can I?

Sightmark to the rescue with the Signal N320RT, a digital night vision monocular. Sightmark designed the optic for scanning and scouting for game and game trails before you set out on that morning hunt or for observation and security surveillance work.

The Signal is equipped with a high-resolution 640×480 CMOS sensor, 640×480 LCD display and built-in 850nm LED IR. The device also comes with built-in video recording with sound and connects to smart phones; this allows users to remote view/control the Signal and stream videos directly to YouTube.

You get all that for $399.99. In the words of fictional NASCAR great Ricky Bobby, “Thank you baby Jesus!”

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Outdoor Gadgets: BioLite


Outdoor Gadgets, BioLite SunLight

You just made that four-hour hike. The fire is blazing, the food is cooked and as the sun drops below the tree line  you pull out your battery powered light. Perfection. Then … #@#$##!

Too often have I pulled out my house or camping lantern to find the batteries went bad and, in some cases, totally destroyed the light.

BioLite has a fix for that. The Sunlight portable solar light is not some dollar store gimmick. BioLite is the real deal. The SunLight features 50 hours of run time on a seven-hour solar charge or a two-hour charge from a micro USB. The 100 lumen light is a serious tool.

The size of an ice cream sandwich and weighing in at 3.4 ounces, the SunLight is also water resistant and comes with a kickstand hanging clip.

MSRP is $24.95.


Outdoor Gadgets, BioLite CampStove2

BioLite doesn’t just make light, it makes heat in the form of the electricity generating wood burning CampStove2.

The CampStove2 cooks meals and boils water in minutes while turning its heat into usable electricity. Don’t you just love smart people?

MSRP on the CampStove2 is $129.95.

For more information on the SunLight Portable Solar Light or the Camp Stove2, please visit

Not a Gadget: Ballistic Magazine Digital Subscription  

Shooting Gifts, Ballistic Magazine Digital Subscription

Alright, so this one isn’t a gadget. Sue us.

If you are reading this story you get it, so why not get more? Ballistic isn’t just about the guns; it’s about a lifestyle. People, places, booze, cigars, music, knives, gear, education and sometimes even a grooming tip or two. Ballistic is the magazine that furthers your firearms lifestyle passion

Don’t want all of that paper cluttering up you house? No problem. You can have it delivered straight to your computer or iPad six times a year.

But wait, there’s more. Just for you guys we have a special offer of $5 off the normal price of $19.97. What? We’re practically giving it away!

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