After visiting with John Sharps, I became curious as to the path each Sharps Bros. product took from raw material to finished product. Once again, John was gracious enough to share the process so we could all get a look behind the curtain. So we took a look at the Sharps Bros Jack lower receiver.

As I’ve previously written, Sharps Bros. is famous for its unique AR-platform lower receivers, including the Hellbreaker, the Warthog and the aforementioned Jack.

The renowned Sharps Bros Jack lower receiver consists of more than 3 million lines of CNC-machining code as opposed to an average of 250,000 for regular lower receivers. It is also the most popular product Sharps Bros. makes as well, outselling all others 5 to 1.

Scroll through the gallery above for detailed step-by-step look at how Sharp goes about the build.

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