You might know the name Sean Utley. He works with us a lot.

Aside from being the Editor-at-Large of “Ballistic Precision” magazine, Utley also films incredible video — including the Ballistic Long Range Precision video series — he writes, and he gets caught swearing on camera.

Sean Utley & Long Range

If the previous paragraph is any indicator, long-range shooting is Utley’s passion. While still delving deeper into the long-range world, Utley has become quite the authority on the subject. We’ve also seen him on the range; he’s a decent shot (sarcasm — he’s good).

Just for some perspective, at the 2017 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous, Utley went three-for-three at 120 yards … using a .44 Magnum revolver. Here’s video proof. Yeah, he’s good. But his main forte is rifles.

Utley recently joined our friends at the We Like Shooting podcast to talk long-range shooting, technology, reloading and more. Listen to the entire episode above. For more from We Like Shooting and the Firearms Radio Network, please visit

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