Savage Arms just expanded two of its popular hunting rifle lines to the .450 Bushmaster cartridge. While the .450 availability might make some shooters happy, a price tag under $775 makes the packages even better, especially when you realize they both come with an optic.

What are the benefits of .450 Bushmaster? The cartridge is legal in many previously shotgun slug-only areas. It also offers improved range, accuracy and power over other straight-walled rifle cartridges and sabots.

Savage Engage Hunter XP

The Engage Hunter XP package combines Savage’s proven Model 110 rifle platform with a factory-mounted and boresighted Bushnell Engage scope. Length-of-pull on the 110 Engage Hunter XP is easily customized to fit any shooter for comfort and consistency. The user-adjustable AccuTrigger provides a light, crisp pull. The rifle’s improved ergonomics get even more accuracy from its legendary 110 action, floating bolt head, and thread-in, zero-tolerance headspace system. Meanwhile, the optic’s drop-compensating reticle makes it easier to place precise shots at longer ranges. MSRP on the .450 Bushmaster Engage Hunter XP is $519.

Savage Apex Hunter XP

Secondly, Savage’s 110 Apex Hunter XP pairs a Model 110 rifle with a 3-9x40mm Vortex Crossfire II scope that comes mounted, bore-sighted and ready to hunt. The platform provides accuracy and adjustability like no other package rifle thanks to the Savage AccuTrigger, thread-in headspacing, floating bolt head and precision button-rifled barrel. Plus, its length-of-pull can be quickly adjusted to fit any hunter for better comfort and consistency. The Crossfire II Dead-Hold BDC reticle makes it easier to place accurate shots at extended range. Meanwhile, Savage securely mounts the optic to a one-piece EGW 0 MOA rail. MSRP on the .450 Bushmaster Apex Hunter XP is $773.

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Savage 450 Bushmaster Rifle Features

  • 450 Bushmaster enables hunters to shoot farther and more accurately than shotgun slugs
  • User-adjustable AccuTrigger
  • Ergonomic black synthetic stock with adjustable length-of-pull
  • 22-inch matte black carbon steel barrel
  • Ported muzzle brake reduces felt recoil
  • Detachable box magazine
  • Two sling swivels
  • Drilled and tapped: Apex Hunter XP features a one-piece rail; Engage Hunter XP has two-piece bases
  • Includes mounted and bore-sighted scope
  • 110 APEX HUNTER XP 450 BUSHMASTER 22-inch Barrel / $773
  • 110 ENGAGE HUNTER XP 450 BUSHMASTER 22-inch Barrel / $519

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