Every year at the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous, there are a handful of products that truly impress us for a number of reasons. For the 2020 event, there was the Falkor Phantom, a second item we can’t speak about yet, a third item we can’t speak about yet, and then this: The SAR USA 109T. The new AR pistol is a doozy.

On the Range With the SAR 109T

SAR USA is Turkish brand Sarsilmaz’s American-based subsidiary. It’s a beautiful thing to get the quality Sarsilmaz has produced for years now in the U.S. And SAR USA is a name you should get used to hearing. We were familiar with its handguns like the SAR9 and the SAR K2 45C, but the 109T was new to us. We asked SAR USA about it. In response, SAR referred to it as a “subgun.” A rep said it was “a comparatively small, lightweight and modular a semi-automatic version of the Sarsilmaz TE 54 carbine that was originally manufactured for police and civilian sales.”

That certainly piqued our interest. The gun lived up to the hype when we finally got it out on the range. The 109T is a semi-auto AR pistol chambered in 9mm, commonly referred to as an AR-9. SAR USA originally designed the 109T for close quarter combat situations.

The pistol features the SAR’s proven blow-back design. It also features an 8.6-inch chrome moly steel barrel, which makes the AR-9 extremely maneuverable. SAR designed the 109T to accept most pistol buffer tube braces.

The 109T has a free-floating handguard with a Picatinny rail system for accessories. An integrated Picatinny rail above the receiver and handguard makes the pistol optics ready.

Meanwhile, the chassis of the 109T is a two-part aluminum alloy receiver with a hammer-fired mil-spec trigger. Firing controls include an M16-type non-reciprocating charging handle and an M16-style fire mode selector/safety switch. The pistol also comes standard with three 30-round Colt-type magazines.

Lastly is MSRP, which comes in at $1,999.99. We shot the 109T quite a bit at the 2020 Rendezvous. Watch the video above to learn more and see the 109T out on the range. For even more info, please visit

SAR 109T Specs

  • Caliber: 9mm x 19
  • Overall Length: 27.8 inches
  • Operating System: Blowback
  • Barrel Length: 8.7 inches
  • Ammunition Feed: Magazine, 10/20/30
  • Width: 2.2 inches
  • Case Discharge: Right side
  • Height: 10.9 inches (30-round mag)
  • Shooting Modes: Single/Semi-Automatic
  • Weight (empty): 4.9 pounds
  • MSRP: $1,999.99                                                                   

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