“I love it when a plan comes together.”

There was something so cool about John “Hannibal” Smith grabbing the Ruger Mini-14 with a side folding stock and holding back the enemy. For us, the nostalgic longing for the Ruger Mini-14 popularized on “The A-Team” in the ’80s never faded. And now, thanks to Samson Manufacturing, we can have one.

The Ruger Mini-14 Folding Stock Returns!

Samson first approached Ruger about the Mini-14 Folding Stock. Samson’s Dave Biggers recently told Gun Talk TV that they had already done a prototype made out of aluminum. Then Ruger got back to Samson with the original casting molds for the stock.

At that point, Biggers thought Ruger would take over the project. However, given how busy Ruger is, the manufacturer told Samson to keep working on the project.

So the metal pieces on the stock, with the exception of one, come from Ruger’s original casting molds. The grip is also different in terms of make. Originally, Ruger made the grips from bakelite. Since it’s tougher to find nowadays, the new grips are not bakelite. However, Samson assures those interested that the new mold is the exact same shape and feel as the original.

Ruger also found the old blueprints for the walnut wood, which Samson includes in the new release. The first run is a stainless steel version. Samson says a blued-steel version could happen in the future.

The best part about this release is the MSRP. Original Mini-14 Folding Stocks go for $800. The new build from Samson has an MSRP of less than $300. Biggers says the first models will be available through distributors.

Samson expects models to be available in early 2020. Until then, we’ll be planning our unlicensed, straight-to-DVD “A-Team” sequel — Hollywood isn’t ready. For more information, please visit Here’s a sneak peek at the new Ruger Mini-14 Folding Stock in action.

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