Editor’s note: The above video on pistol reloading contains explicit language.

Before we get into how to properly perform a pistol reload, some introductions with your instructor. Robert Keller, “Bob” to his friends, is the founder and CEO of Gamut Resolutions. Keller has more than 19 years of U.S. Army Spec Ops experience, so he’s more than qualified for the topic at hand.

According to the February/March 2018 issue of Tactical Life magazine, “Bob has had his boots on the ground in countries that various U.S. presidents made very clear we would not have boots on the ground in.”

Pistol Reloading

In the above video, Keller reviews the fundamentals of pistol reloading. Fundamentals, regardless of skill level, should never be neglected. He covers both the tactical reload and the speed reload, as well as the differences between the two. He also breaks down why the reloads are so important.

“It’s real simple stuff. It’s just something you have to do on the range. Practice, get proficient at it,” Keller says.

Watch the video above for Keller’s complete rundown on pistol reloading. For even more from Keller, follow him at @kellergamutresolutions on Instagram. Also, search for his course listings at

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