Simply put, Rob Leatham is “The Great One.” Like a Michael Jordan or Tom Brady in their respective sports, Leatham’s name continues to reside in any conversation debating the greatest shooters of all time. Now Springfield Armory’s The Armory Life debuts an exclusive interview and feature story on TGO.

The Great One, Rob Leatham

Leatham’s shooting career incredibly spans more than 40 years. In that time he established himself as one of the greatest pistol shooters in history, competing and winning in the same era as Jerry Miculek, Michael Voigt, Doug Koenig, Bruce Piatt, Daniel Horner and more.

Leatham simply dominated USPSA and IPSC competition for more than 30 years. And he did nearly all of it running Springfield Armory 1911s.

“If more people would strive to be a great shooter than try to be seen as a great shooter, they’d be better off,” Leatham told The Armory Life. “And they’d be happier. But it’s hard. It won’t happen if your goal is simply fame. It can only come from wanting to be the best you can be. I look at the trophies I have around my house, and they don’t mean nearly as much to me as having faced the challenges to get them. You don’t have to beat everyone, but you have to know you did all you could do. Then, go out tomorrow and be even better.”

Why TGO?

  • 34X USPSA/IPSC National Champion
  • 11X NRA Bianchi Cup Champion
  • 8X IPSC World Champion
  • 8X Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Champion

The article, written by Mike Humphries, runs in the Winter 2021 issue of The Armory Life, Springfield Armory’s own publication dedicated to all things shooting. The cover story on TGO provides an in-depth profile on the world-class shooter. The issue also includes stories on the SA-35, XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP and the LevAR. It even features Hornady’s Handgun Hunter ammo and the Remington Ammo comeback.

“This fourth issue of The Armory Life print magazine, with our exclusive interview with Rob Leatham and tons of great content, builds on our mission of delivering a high-quality magazine to our readers,” said Humphries, editor-in-chief of the magazine. “It is packed with in-depth reviews, excellent photography and website-integrated content. The result is a magazine that is a great partner for”

If you’re a fan of competitive shooting, Springfield Armory guns or what it takes to be great, you’ll definitely want to check out the full feature on TGO. For more info, please visit

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