Some guns serve a purpose. Some guns are simply fun. And some guns are both. Queue the 8-gauge Remington Master Blaster Industrial Gun. If your interest is piqued, we’ve already published our range review on what the Master Blaster actually is. Read it and familiarize yourself. Then watch the video above for your enjoyment.

Remington Master Blaster Range Time

Writer Andy Grossman brought the Master Blaster to our attention. He was among a group of lucky writers whom Remington surprised with the gun at a recent event.

“I don’t think any of us had any idea what we were about to do when the folks from Remington came and told us they had a special surprise for us on the range,” Grossman said. “We walked out to the range and found this monster of a shotgun standing there, pointing downrange at a pumpkin.”

“The MasterBlaster doesn’t have a traditional trigger. It utilizes a simple lanyard that you just give a little pull straight back,” he continued. “With that simple pull of the lanyard, the industrial gun came to life with an earth-shaking bang followed by a whole bunch of laughter and childlike giggles from everyone behind me.”

Watch the results of the range experience in the video above.

If you’re a civilian, sorry, you can’t have a Master Blaster. However, if you are an industrial customer that needs more information on an industrial gun, you can contact Remington’s Industrial 8-gauge department at 501-676-4150.

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