As we’ve said before, Rokon motorcycles can go where no man has gone before. They are beasts.

But greatness is different from person to person. How do you define “greatness”? You do it with facts.

Here are 10 bullet points on why Rokon motorcycles are worth an investment for true outdoorsmen.


Rokon offers accessories that can be hooked up to the bikes, and owners have traditionally modified them to fit specific needs.


A driver can ride continuously through the woods, going up and down hills, across streams and through thick cover for eight hours, because the Rokon only burns about a quarter-gallon of gasoline an hour. For longer rides, you can fill up the hollow, waterproof rims of the front and back tires with gasoline, each of which hold 2.6 gallons, tripling the constant running time to 24 hours.


The Rokon can climb a 60-percent grade, and its three-range automatic transmission lets you use compression braking to come down a hill by putting the Rokon in first gear.


You can run the Rokon through 24 inches of water. In deeper water, you can turn off the gas to the engine, use the manual start cord so the engine is on compression, lay the 200-pound motorcycle on its side with the air filter up, float it across a body of water and use the Rokon’s electric or manual starter on the other bank.


The lightness of the Rokon means that if you want to change directions in tight cover, you can stop, put the kickstand down and rotate the motorcycle on the kickstand. Or, you can pick up the back end of the bike and turn it 180 degrees.


The Rokon stands only 30 inches tall and is very quiet. According to Geoff Richardson, global head technician for Rokon, “The Rokon’s muffler system is very stealthy and has been used by special forces units all over the world, including Malaysia, Jordan and Special Operations Command and the U.S. Army’s XVIII Airborne Corps, a reconnaissance unit, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.”


The four-stroke overhead valve motor is made by Kohler with 208 CCs and 7 horsepower.


The Rokon can take camping gear into remote locations because, thanks to its narrow width, you can ride it without trails or on smaller wilderness trails than an ATV, UTV or 4×4 could use. It will even fit through the front doorof a cabin.


The Rokon can carry 800 pounds (two riders with their gear), and travel through snow, shifting sand and thick mud because of its large tires, which are the same size as the front wheels on a Polaris, Honda or Arctic Cat ATV.


The Rokon’s wiring harness gives it mirrors, a horn, turn signals and daytime running lights direct from the factory, and it features DOT tires to make it street legal. With the addition of a tag, you can run it on highways. If the Rokon doesn’t include these features, it’s not street legal but will receive a certificate of origin as a motor/tractor to be used off-road.

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