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Some of you might be wondering what happened to Well, effective February 2021, Real World Survivor is now part of Don’t worry, you’ll still get all of your survival content needs. Read more below.

Real World Survivor Goes Ballistic

Why did we move most of the content from to From its inception, Ballistic Magazine was always meant to be a great source for both firearms and survival content. The original tagline was the “Premier Firearms & Survival Magazine” when it first launched in 2015. We’re getting back to those roots.

We’ve also always published survival content here on It made too much sense to put everything in one easy spot rather than spread it out over a bunch of different websites. So, we consolidated everything for you. Now you can find all of that great content right here.

While Ballistic focuses a great deal on guns, we’re not limiting survival content to just that. We’ll run the gamut of survival content, ranging from cabin builds to camping to field prep and butchering. But yes, there will also be plenty of gun content for the great outdoors.

So whether you’re looking for a great takedown rifle or maybe a few helpful tips for when you’re out in the wilderness, you can now find it all here on Also, if there’s anything you want us to cover regarding survival topics, send an email [email protected]. We’re all about giving you—the reader—what you want; don’t be afraid to let us know what that is.

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