With rifle hunting season right around the corner for many, it’s time to affix/adjust optics and make other rifle adjustments. However, it can tend to be a bit of a pain, causing many to procrastinate until the very end. Fortunately, the unique Real Avid Master Gun Vice steps up to make life easier when it comes to firearm maintenance.

The Real Avid Master Gun Vice

Whether you are a professional gunsmith, military/law enforcement armorer or just work on your own firearms, a vice is essential. But, as many figure out, most vices leave a lot to be desired. For example, if you don’t line your jaws with something, you are almost guaranteed to leave marks on your firearm. Also, the need to constantly remove your firearm to move it around is just a time-consuming pain.

With an articulating ball at the base, the Master Gun Vice allows for easily repositioning your firearm without removing it. The Speed-CamTM lever makes adjustments quick and easy with the flip of a lever. Once you have positioned your firearm where you want it, flip the lever back in place to lock it and get back to work. The articulating ball offers 360° rotation as well as the ability to lay it flat.

If you find the need to apply torque, you can insert the Torq-Lok pin to lock the ball in place. The pin intersects the ball and socket joint and locks it into place. The ability to insert it every 90° allows you to be able to work on it at any angle. Additionally, you can insert it in either the vertical or horizontal position.

An Accu-LevelTM leveling knob allows you to tilt your firearm in 3 degree increment micro adjustments for optics mounting. Two Gun-Fit sleeves are also included in the package providing a perfect fit for your firearm. The two-sided sleeves feature a high-density foam pad for shotguns and high-finish firearms and a rigid nylon side with grooves. As a result, the grooves secure gun parts, picatinny and Arca Swiss rails, barrels, silencers and more.

AR Accessories

For AR armorers, upper and lower vice blocks are also available for purchase. Sold separately are the Smart-Fit® AR-15 Lower Vice Block and Lug-LokTM Upper Vice Block. Both blocks integrate seamlessly with the vice jaws and firmly lock into place. As a result, your AR-15 or AR-10 will remain firmly in place while you work.


“We did a soft launch on this product a couple weeks ago and were amazed at the vast number of military, gun manufacturers and law enforcement agencies that were jumping to get this new vise. These are people who work on and build guns for a living and the benefits were apparent to them immediately. That really confirmed for us we had created something revolutionary,” commented Chris Witte, Director of Marketing.

The Real Avid Master Gun Vice is available now with an MSRP of $299.99. For more info, please visit

The Real Avid Master Gun Vice.

Real Avid Master Gun Vice Features:

  • Reversable steel jaw plates
  • Dual purpose locking pins (4) for the gun-fit sleeves and Lug-LokTM upper vise block (sold separately)
  • Leveling knob with 6 degrees of micro adjustment of the vise jaws for leveling guns and optics
  • Torq-LokTM pin locks the ball and socket joint for high torque applications
  • Speed-CamTM ball and socket locking lever
  • Articulating ball and socket joint
  • Quick adjust crank
  • Gun-FitTM reversable sleeves
  • MSRP: $299.99

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