The name “Sean Utley” goes hand-in-hand with precision shooting. If you frequent our website, then you should know his name well. Utley is the editor-at-large for Ballistic Precision Magazine. On top of that, he also hosted both season one and season two of Ballistic’s “Long Range Precision” video series. Well, now he has a video series of his own called “Queen of the Mile.”

What Is Queen of the Mile?

What do you get when you take five extraordinary women, drop them in the California mountains, teach them the ins and outs of precision rifle shooting led by a former Marine Recon Sniper, then task them to shoot at a target a mile away? Well, you get “Queen of the Mile!”

“Queen of the Mile” is a reality based documentary that follows five women through the process of becoming serious precision rifle shooters. To win they must hit a target one mile away and they must try to successfully complete several shooting challenges for extra attempts at the mile shot. But they have less than three days to get it done.

The expectations are high and the path is difficult for them. Who will win? Who will not? And what will they experience along the way? There are amazing stories to be told in this real-to-life series, and you’ll see it all first hand.

Don’t miss the video series, which debuts March 30 on the Youtube channel Precision 4 Life! We actually have the first episode for you above and a bonus second episode below. Watch them both here. Also, tune in for future episodes and see who they crown as “Queen of the Mile.”

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