Project AR, building an AR-15, lead

Project AR is about taking advantage of the AR platform and building a rifle from scratch. Our free, four-part series covers everything from parts and tools needed to the finished product. Oh, and we’re giving our finished product away!


America loves the AR-15! It’s without a doubt one of the most prolific firearms to ever exist because it has so many great traits. It’s accurate, lightweight, easy to shoot, and has low recoil. It is also easy to work on due to part compatibility. Not only are parts compatible but there are many parts and accessories available to upgrade your AR. You can buy one but have you ever thought about building your own?

Building your own AR means you’ll get exactly what you want, and you’ll have something you can take pride in, especially knowing that you did the work. While the sound of building your own AR may sound daunting, it’s not difficult at all especially when you use quality components from reputable manufacturers, and you get a little guidance from the right people.

Project AR is about taking advantage of the AR platform and building a rifle from scratch. It’s about using those quality parts, utilizing the tools that most of us have available, and learning throughout the building process.

Watch as we build an awesome lightweight AR using Aero Precision parts, as well as parts from other manufacturers such as RISE Armament, and MidWest Industries. When we complete the build, you’ll have a chance to win the same rifle that we build (form at the bottom of the page). Project AR is all about the AR-15 and you get to be a part of it!

If you’re interested in winning our custom AR-15 build, head over to this link at

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