Taran Tactical Innovations is well-known throughout the shooting world. Founder Taran Butler has built a foundation that trains some of Hollywood’s biggest stars to work with firearms.

Amongst the roster of talent that has graced Taran’s courses are Keanu Reeves for his role as the title character in “John Wick,” as well as Jon Bernthal in his title role in the Netflix series “The Punisher.”

While Butler stands as the face of his company, another star has quickly risen in his ranks: Jade Struck.

Who Is Jade Struck?

Struck is a competitive shooter and firearms trainer who has made a name for herself “shredding,” as she would say, on the course.

We spoke with Butler about Struck as a part of his Q&A for the winter 2019 issue of Ballistic Magazine. It was easy to see why Struck is a rising star.

“Of course we have to mention Jade Struck, one of the best female shooters I’ve ever worked with,” Butler said. “She’s an amazing person who comes from a family where both parents served (law enforcement and fire department), and she’s absolutely genuine. She’s a prodigy—my best training discovery in a long time.

“[Jade] blows people’s expectations out of the water. She’s a great asset to our business because she can relate to so many different kinds of people. She could be on the range with James Cameron, Tim Miller (director of “Deadpool”), David Ellison (Skydance Media) and Chad Stahelski (director of “John Wick”) all at the same time, and everyone thinks she’s wonderful and talented. We’re very happy to have her.”

If you need more proof of her talents, watch Struck in the video above as she shreds the course and talks about her life as a pro shooter.

Read all about Taran Tactical in the winter 2019 issue of Ballistic Magazine, on sale Oct. 16. Grab your copy at

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