Well timed for Independence Day, Ruger recently announced its newest line of guns, the Flag Series. Boasting attractive painted flag Cerakote and flag camo dipped finishes, the Ruger Flag Series screams America.

Ruger Flag Series

The first four offerings in this new series feature attractive American Flag finishes. The series includes AR-556 MPR, Ruger Precision Rimfire and PC Carbine rifles, as well as the AR-556 Pistol. Additional distributor exclusive models featuring state flag Cerakote finishes are also available. These models include the SR22 pistol with North Carolina state flag Cerakote finish, SR22 pistol with Arizona state flag Cerakote finish and Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor with a Texas state flag camo dip.

“We are very excited about the introduction of the Flag Series,” said Shawn Leska, Ruger Vice President of Sales. “This new lineup of firearms is our most patriotic yet and we hope our customers will feel a sense of pride owning a pistol or rifle from this American-made series.”

With an AR-556, Ruger Precision Rifle and PC Carbine, the Ruger Flag Series offers a firearm for nearly any shooting sport pursuit. From medium range to up close and hosing, Ruger’s patriotic firearms offer a wide range of shooting options. Whether competing in precision rifle or 3-Gun, or a fun family day of plinking, this series has you covered. So celebrate America’s birthday, Independence Day, with some patriotic shooting from Ruger.

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