It finally happened. Pat McNamara joined the We Like Shooting podcast Monday. Did you miss it? It’s OK, we have you covered.

The cast for episode No. 255 includes Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Savage1r, Jeremy Pozderac and Nick Lynch.

Pat McNamara Meets WLS

Combining Mac and the We Like Shooting could’ve gone many different ways. Luckily for everyone, their personalities meshed pretty quickly.

The title of episode No. 255 is “Beat Your Clone’s Ass Tomorrow.”

Where did the title come from?

Well, Mac is known for his mantras. One of his mantras is: “If I cloned myself yesterday, could I kick my clone’s ass tomorrow?”

The WLS crew liked it and, after debating whose clone could kick whose ass, determined there couldn’t be a more fitting episode title.

Listen to the entire episode above. Note: Mac may have set the record for “bleeps” in a single episode.

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